Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum—Coming soon!

Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum certainly looks the part!
Photo by Osie Turner

If you’ve driven down Charleston Boulevard lately you may have noticed a few billboards announcing a mysterious new museum “coming soon” to Las Vegas. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum will be exactly what it sounds like, a museum of haunted items collected by the famed ghost hunter and Las Vegas resident. A cursed mirror owned by Bela Lugosi, an assortment of dolls, and Ed Gein’s shovel are but some of the macabre items to be put on display once the museum opens its doors to the public.

The museum will be comprised of Zak Bagans’ personal collection of haunted and bizarre items he has collected over the years. Bagans rose to fame as the lead investigator of the hit Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures. He later hosted his own show, Deadly Possessions, which was based around his ever growing collection of haunted curios.

The Haunted Museum will be contained within a legitimate historic mansion in the Downtown Art’s District. The Wengert House dates to 1938 and was the former home of the Wengert family. Built in the Tudor style, the mansion certainly looks haunted and should be a great fit for the upcoming museum.

Cyril Wengert arrived in Las Vegas in 1907 at the ripe age of 18 and started off as an ice wagon driver. He became involved in banking around 1911 and later helped to found the Southern Nevada Power Company—now known as NV Energy. He and his wife Lottie were very active with numerous social organizations such as the Rotary Club, Elks Lodge, and Knights of Columbus. The Cyril S. Wengert Elementary School was named in his honor, and Wengert Avenue, which runs parallel just south of Charleston BLVD, is also in their memory.

The soon to be haunted museum.
Photo by Osie Turner

The Wengert family sold the mansion in 1972 after the deaths of Cyril and Lottie and since then has mainly used for law offices and title companies. In 1997 The Wengert House served as the headquarters of the State Bar of Nevada until the association moved down the street to their current location. Hellfire Media, owned by Bagans, purchased the building for $1.4 million in December of 2015. The museum has been underway since then and will hopefully be open soon, as the advertisements promise.

Bagans is not the first celebrity to attempt a morbid business in Las Vegas. Eli Roth opened The Goretorium on the Strip in 2012. The idea was that The Goretorium would be part year round haunted house and part nightclub, but unfortunately it did not last long—it went bankrupt after barely a year. Of course, that was a very different concept than the Haunted Museum, plus spooky old Wengert House is a much better location than the third floor of Walgreens.

According to Zak Bagans, the Wengert House is in fact haunted. In an interview with, he stated that several construction workers have walked off the job after going down into the basement of the mansion. Bagans himself has only gone down there a few times and says he will keep that area off-limits due to some very negative energy down there. He believes that the basement was used for Satanic rituals in the 1970s. In an interview with, he said that he was able to confirm that a few people have died inside the house over the years as well.

The Wengert House is deceptive; it looks like a collection of smaller houses but is all one mansion.
Photo by Osie Turner

The collection itself will span more than just haunted items. Serial killer artifacts, such as a bloody handprint of Charles Manson, artwork by Richard Ramirez (AKA The Night Stalker), Jack Kevorkian’s suicide van, as well as circus memorabilia, and all manner of oddities he has come by will be displayed in the Haunted Museum.

The Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum sounds like it will be quite an experience. Unfortunately, a solid opening date is yet to been released. Peeking through the fence, it looks like the place is coming along. Gargoyle statues greet visitors near the front door, and an old carriage of sorts is next to the walkway. Some yellow tape and orange cones are still to be found in the yard though. I’m guessing an October opening is not unreasonable to expect, but that is purely speculation. The museum is located at 600 East Charleston Boulevard, next door to the Masonic Temple.

If you are interested in reaching someone at the museum, we suggest that you use the Zak Bagans Museum Twitter account. Or you can post on their Facebook account. And here is the official site, you can bet this will have the grand opening date when they are ready to announce it.


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  1. I have seen a web page that says the museum is open and another that says it is closed. Which is true? Dying to visit!

  2. I love it and I hope I can next year the Museum see. I have big big respect for Zak and his team. Thank you Zak and your team for a fantastic job. You a wonderful person. Paranormal Interested me. Ghost Adventures is the best team.

  3. When is it going to open? I live here but won’t go all that way if its still closed. I have many friends who would love to go but I wantvto make sure its open.

  4. Unfortunately there is still no date set for opening, but I did happen to drive by it over the weekend and spotted a moving truck delivering something and the yellow tape has been cleared up from the front of the building. I also saw on their official Twitter that the museum is now in possesion of the real “Dibbuk Box” that inspired the movie The Possession.

  5. Hurry up Zak! Anticipation is daunting. Have a soft opening so us locals can have first crack at seeing your wonderful collection before the tour buses start pile’n up in front of the house. !!!

  6. Hope its open before June 30th when I go on vacation in vegas. Would love to see it.

  7. How much are the tickets? I’m so excited to go! I use to watch ghost adventures all the time!

  8. When will it be open? We have been teased for so long. We went in March 2016, October 2016 and coming in again April 2017, waiting patiently. Tell me it will be open by April 24th.

  9. Bringing my spouse (a sensitive) June 10th to Vegas as a 60th birthday gift. Hopefully it will be open then!

  10. Ill be up that way next month, Was hoping that it would be open in time for my visit since im coming all the way from New Zealand.
    I don’t think im going to be that lucky however 🙁

  11. I drive with Uber and would like to put a museum sign in my car to help advertise !!! IDE live to help Promote Zach Bagans haunted museum !!!!

  12. There are a few of us flying in from UK in November just to visit the Museum.
    It’s going to be an amazing experience x

  13. The place is most sincerely haunted. And, not necessarily by nice ghosts either. I peered through the gate last August 2016 (daytime but was on a full moon night) and photographed a large mist on the side of the building. Workers were entering the other side. It was as if something wasn’t too keen on their being there. Broad daylight and exceptional photo capture. Was interviewed by 2 radio stations about my haunted experiences. Will talk about this on my next podcast ( – Segment 18 (Haunted Vegas). You might ask .. will I go inside? Not without a cross around my neck and a bottle of holy water. Not sure if that “mist” followed me home that night – found myself in a trance in the shower. Yes, I am a ghost investigator.

  14. Cant wait .I am an avid fan of Ghost. Adventure and Haunted Collector. I am a believer that there is an afterlife.I was at Brookdale Lodge in Santa Cruz Calif. It is a documented Haunted Restaraunt. A creek runs through the middle of it.Before the restaraunt was built a little girl drowned in the creek ,on the bridge above the restaraunt late at night you can hear a womens voice calling for her daughter and a young voice crying for her mother. There also is noises from the upper rooms as there was bootleggers that used to play poker up there I went in there at night when no one was there. I heard these noises and my jair ln my arms stood up I got goosebumps. I did not know the stories

  15. I thought your museum was open!!! We are driving from Oklahoma to Anaheim in June but will by pass Vegas if you arent open! You are such a perfectionist Zak! Just open it!!!❤

  16. Im Kenneth Moody,The Guitar Player that You met in the Walgreens parkinglot. I so look forward to Your opening. Im hopeing To entertain Your Clients as planed,call me please.702 2660053. Thank You!

  17. No one can get the address of Zak’s Museum. I won’t travel there, until i know where to go. Thank You. lissakblue at gmail

  18. The address is in the article lol; 600 East Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV. On the corner of Charleston and 6th st.
    Unfortunately still no opening date set, but the front of the museum has been landscaped and looks great! I guess its just a matter of getting the interior ready…

  19. Hi, I would really like to know when this is going to open?
    I just finished Deadly Possessions and i am floored, I am trying
    to figure a date to come to vegas. Does anyone have the answers?

  20. When is the museum going to open? I will be in Vegas next week for the Canelo fight… I hope it will open by then….thanks for reading…

  21. Zak to you have morgellons? Only asking out of desperation. I saw the pics of your house and it’s like a perfect invironment for a person who suffers. Peace Brother♤♡◇♧

  22. Went by 04/21/2017 after las rageous, still closed. Waiting would like to attend soft opening if possible.

  23. Zak didn’t write this article and has nothing to do with, so posting comments to him here isn’t likely to result in a response from him. It could happen, if he looks at this article, but it’s sort of a long shot.

    –Mark, editor

  24. I live 6 blocks from the museum. I am also a Ghost Hunter here, in Las Vegas. I cannot wait until it opens later this year.

  25. I am coming there the third week of June. I am a big fan and would love it very much if your museum would be open while I am there! I don’t know if I will ever have another chance to go there.

  26. I can’t wait till it’s open I’m here in Los vegas again just to see if it has open yet I’m so excited to see this place I watch his show every Saturday open soon please

  27. I am a local with abilities since I was a child. Abilities run in my family. I have never used them for gain in fact I am an RN. Just curious how all the malevolent energy will be contained. Also,those who practice with in the dark arts may bring unwanted entities. So basically I’m concerned about spiritual safety not physical

  28. My husband an i are coming to vegas may 22. Just wondering when it will b open and how much are tickets

  29. Mandy … you have a valid point. What I captured outside was pretty much unheard of. Seems if it doesn’t want to be inside, they will all congregate outside (large mist). I am still pondering if I will go inside that building because I know how this stuff reacts to me. Part of me says “yes” for information to share on my podcast … part of me says, “no” … a haunted location I visited last year in Wales with a cycling mirror going round and round threw me into a panic attack. I’m still debating – do I, or don’t I.

  30. Well I can’t wait till it opens I love his show and I’m will be there when it opens I was in my 30s when I seen my first angel floating in the room when my ex mother in law died but I have always believe in ghosts and love scary movies .Welli just hope Zak can open it soon workers please stay and finish thanks Rita

  31. I’m going to Vegas June 9th so wish it was open I’m a huge Ghost Adventure nut, will definitely pass by when there!

  32. This past August my husband and I stopped in front of the museum to take photographs. When we looked at them on our iPad in an enlarged size, there is clearly something standing at the front window which looks like a person with a long gangly hand, skeletal like long fingers. It seems doubtful that any object Of that size would have been placed right at the window….we have tried to explain it away but since this was in broad daylight busy it seems doubtful that they would put anything for the museum that close to the window for the public to see! …, we were wondering if anyone else has seen what we saw. ???

  33. P. Kimble, — That’s an interesting field report. I’ve been by a few times, the only thing I’ve seen are contractors working on the landscaping.

  34. They must be getting closer to an opening date. I drove by here today and the welders were finishing the gate and wrought iron fence around the property.


  35. We are in vegas till 30th june. Does anyone know will it be open by then?? Thanks 🙂

  36. Was in Vegas in April and saw the signs for this….going back in end of July….hoping its open then but I saw an article that said, “probably not till October” Ill keep my fingers crossed.

  37. Wondering if there’ll be a minimum age, my granddaughter has a special gift of taking to persons that have past away. She’s insisting her birthday trip must include this ghost museum. Secretively I’m hoping it stays closed.


  39. Wondering if they picked two fans yet to do the tour of the museum. Just found out about this and would love to submit a 60 second video-my son and I are HUGE fans- live right here in Vegas and he has all the ghost hunting equipment. We’ve been to several of the haunted hotels they’ve documented on the show and got some crazy stuff on our spirit box many times!

  40. I believe that you guys are in chutes with tourism scam every time you guys explore anything other shows go to the same places and there open it seems like total advertisement to me I love scary shit but it’s getting pretty obvious to me haunted towns what a joke you advertise realastate I’d love to have money to buy anything let alone something haunted.sorry honey I work realy hard for my money and I’d love to be able to afford what you do I do admire your drive.

  41. Helena, is an online magazine, we have nothing to do with Mr. Bagan’s enterprises — but we are enjoying the comments herein.

  42. I’ve watched ghost adventures forever and will be in Vegas at the end of the month I was hoping it would have been open.

  43. It’s really hard to predict when Zak will open his museum — I am guessing it will be around then end of October…

  44. I hope it opens soon!!! Ive already watched Ghost Adventures Artifacts and the museum looks great!! I’m so exited!!

  45. We are taking a trip in October, Do you think it will be open by then??
    Please let us know when it’s open!!!!!

  46. This is all hype. The house is not haunted. I think it’s terrible that this man is taking a great family’s name and making it out to be something it’s not. This property is a historic landmark and this man is making it out to be a joke. Shame on Zac! Let the Wengert’s rest in peace!

  47. Truly excited to see the most haunted collection on Earth. I can only imagine the energy that is focused in the buildings foot print.

  48. please Mom is really interested and we would love to send her via charter bus and trying to find schedule. Please reply if you can.
    P. S Mom has her own Pole for Vegas

  49. The Wengert Home is one example of the homes that I would like to visit someday

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