Henderson Fire Department Open House

Henderson families exploring the station.
Photo by Osie Turner

In 2015 alone, the City of Henderson Fire Department responded to over 28,000 calls; over 20,700 of them were for Emergency Medical Services according to Henderson’s 2015 Annual Response Report. With all of the advances in building safety and fire prevention protocols, putting out fires is actually only a small percentage of what firefighters do. Henderson Fire Station 5 opened its doors to the public for a community open house event this weekend so that everyone could stop by and learn about the things they do to make us all a little safer.

Firemen and other support team members were available for any questions visitors could think of, or just show the kids how their equipment works. The department had one truck set aside for everyone to climb into and see what the inside of one looks like. The quarters were not as cramped as one would expect, however they would likely not seem so spacious while wearing gear.

Just because the fire station was hosting an event did not mean they were not on call. One such call came in midday and one of the fire engines had to leave for a bit. Before long they returned though.

Visitors received Yellow Dot Kits and red ribbons meant to serve as reminders to check car seats. The Yellow Dot Nevada program is part of a nationwide campaign to help first responders quickly access vital and possibly life-saving medical information on drivers and even passengers. It’s a pretty ingenious program—the kit contains a yellow sticker that goes on your car’s rear window and a yellow envelope that goes in your glove box. Inside the envelope you fill out a card where you put whatever information you deem necessary for someone to know in the event of an accident, such as your allergies to medications or if you have a heart condition, etc. The sticker in the window alerts paramedics, police, or firefighters that your info is in the glove compartment.

The red ribbons are meant to be placed either inside your car or someplace you’re likely to see it to remind you not to accidentally leave your child, pet, or anyone else that can’t get out on their own inside the car. Even if none of those apply to you, it can be a reminder to check the cars parked next to you when you’re out and about. Seeing as we are already hitting triple digit temperatures, a few minutes in a hot car can be fatal.

All of the little firemen-to-be received their own fire hats, until supplies ran out later in the day. One thing they did not run out of were emergency whistles—many of the more masochistic parents that let their young ones take the whistles home were given two!

The driver’s seat of one of the fire trucks.
Photo by Osie Turner

The Henderson Fire Department dates to 1953. At that time, the city only had 7,410 residents and was only 13 square miles in size. Henderson has grown quite a bit over the last 60 years and is now home to over 277,000 people and encompasses 107 square miles. While Henderson may just seem like a suburb of Las Vegas to locals, Henderson is actually the second largest city in Nevada. The Fire Department has grown with the city and now has nine stations to serve the ever growing community.

Always remember to reserve 9-1-1 for true emergencies and call 3-1-1 for non-emergencies. For general inquiries to the Henderson Fire Department, they can be reached at (702) 267-2222 or go to www.cityofhenderson.com.


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  1. Is it possible that you, (author of this article) were one of those “…masochistic parents” who took more than one of the emergency whistles home with you?

    Great article — looking at fire apparatus is always popular with kids of all ages!


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