JCK Las Vegas: All About Jewelry

Walk the aisles at JCK Las Vegas and be ready to be dazzled.
Photo by Diane Taylor

JCK Las Vegas is called “North America’s Premier Jewelry Show”, but its participants come from throughout the world. Example: In addition to American designers and manufacturers, Reed Exhibitions established separate pavilions for vendors from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey.

Some 30,000 people attend JCK Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The initials “JCK” stand for “Jewelers Circular Keystone”, a jewelers term, and the name of a popular jewelers magazine. A total of 2300 vendors are represented at the show, and of the anticipated 30,000 attendees, 23% represent retail stores outside the U.S.

My friend Gerri Fahrer attended JCK Las Vegas with me this year. Gerri retired after 35 years as a jewelry store owner, and I enjoyed watching her talk with exhibitors and use terminology that was indeed foreign to me.

The attached video gives just a brief idea of what the JCK trade show is all about. (Yes, educational sessions are part of the June 5-8 event as well.) I have attended this show before, but I am still amazed that so much valuable jewelry and so many gemstones can be brought to such a show, stored every night, and then safely brought back for display the next day.

While at the show, I picked up Mid-America Jewelry News and from there I learned of the continuing popularity of mixed metals in jewelry and that the trend toward stacking Jewelry — rings, bracelets and even necklaces, continues. One can wear multiple rings, bracelets or necklaces at one time and be quite cool.

Yep, funky and fun was also part of JCK Las Vegas.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Another “gem” from the magazine: Last November the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) launched a pilot M2M (Mine to Market) program described, in an ad, as “the logical future of diamond selling technology”. (GIA is the globally recognized source of knowledge, standards, education and analysis for diamonds, colored stones and pearls.) The M2M program is currently in a pilot mode with selected retailers, but if it proves popular, future brides receiving diamonds will be able to launch an app that will scientifically connect the original rough to the final polished stone and will include a GIA listing of GIA veracity. The app will then allow the recipient to share the story of her diamond (plus the story of the retailer), with friends. A customizable coffee table book will also contain the complete story of her diamond. (I’ve always said that every person has a story, but I guess soon, every diamond will have a story as well.)

As with most of the trade shows in Las Vegas, JCK Las Vegas is a “business-to-business” meeting with more than 9400 retail stores (independents, majors, department stores, boutiques and galleries) buying jewelry at wholesale prices to provide what their local customers will want and need.

Incidentally an ad by Lavalier Berkley Asset Protection has a headline: “1 in 6 people lose jewelry while on vacation”. That’s one reason jewelry stores have repeat customers.


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  1. I liked the necklace that cost 1/4th of your house! That’s some moolah.
    So, did the water have a distinctive taste — the one with the gem suspended in it?
    In the video, interesting to see the show catalog!
    And I like that cameo too — Great work on this video —


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    My name is Christopher Letsinger, I am the Owner Of Elegant Occasions Unlimited, a formal wear Boutique. I am interested in attending the jewelry show in Las Vegas. what are the requirements in order to get an invite to attend the show as a vendor to buy stones for my boutique.

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