Beauty Pros Come to the Bay

Cosmoprof North America 2017 is a business-to-business event. Crowded conference tables were in the S N S (Healthy Natural Nails) booth.
Photo by Diane Taylor

If I wanted to start my own beauty cosmetics line (and who doesn’t?), all the ingredients were at Mandalay Bay Convention Center last week. The show was Cosmoprof North America 2017, a BolongnaFiere event organized by the Professional Beauty Association. In addition to showcasing finished products for sale to retail stores, spas, beauty shops, etc., Cosmoprof also offered everything from cosmetic mixing machines, raw cosmetics, cosmetic containers and labels for new additions to the cosmetics landscape.

In the attached video, we visit a few of the 1000 exhibitors at Cosmoprof. As regular viewers know, my process is simply to walk the show floor and randomly stop and ask questions. This year, I saw many products having to do with building a cosmetics line. Finished products with well-known brand names were also part of the mix.

One thing I missed, however, were the formal descriptions of final products. I am always amused by writers who are very busy at cosmetics companies gilding the lilly (describing the products). In many cases, they are as creative as Disney animators. Cases in point: these excerpts from a publication given to press representatives at the show listing what’s “hot” in beauty brands and products.

A nail polish called Blivinn: “A line of clean, eco friendly, vegan friendly (are we eating it?), paraben free, 5 toxins free, made in USA polish. Fun, fresh and edgy designs on the boxes were created with UV 3rd print (huh?). The customer picks their box, picks their color and enjoys their good vibes.” (I never kept polish in the box it came in, but maybe others do — for the good vibes, of course.)

Live demonstrations on the show floor at Cosmoprof are very popular. This demonstration was part of the “indie girl” booth.
Photo by Diane Taylor

An eye cream: “Christian Breton Liftox (Sake Venom + Caviar). Liftox is the very first eye treatment with snake venom-like peptides (like, but not the real thing?) plus precious caviar extract and collagen which immediately smooth the skin’s surface. This replumping serum targets wrinkles (now we’re getting somewhere) for a spectacular lifting effect and a noticeable firming action. With roll-on technology, the cool steel ball applicator glides onto the eye area to deliver an amazing sensation of coolness. The micro-pressure of the steel ball stimulates the micro-circulation of the eye.” (Lots of micro makes for a great eye cream.)

Cutical oil: “Blossom Cuticle Oil is infused with real flowers. This moisturizing formula softens and smoothes the cuticle. Available in 6 floral scents.” (Hey, Marge. Smell my cuticles…really!)

Water: “Dream Water + Beauty is a natural sleep aid that helps you fall asleep and also helps prevent premature aging, creates thicker hair, helps reduce wrinkles and builds stronger nails while you sleep.” (Where is CNN when you need them? This is a _______ miracle!)

End of fun….loved the trade show, not the descriptions.


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