Bellagio’s Gardens Facts & Photos 2017

The Bellagio gardens at the holidays are photographed thousands, maybe millions of times — great PR for the Bellagio and Las Vegas.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Visiting the Strip at the holidays means at least one trip to the Bellagio Las Vegas and its Conservatory and Botanical Gardens holiday display. Every year is slightly different with a few familiar figures, namely polar bears, and a few new elements. Here are some statistics from the Bellagio regarding this year’s holiday display:

34,000: Total number of flowers on display for the duration of the exhibit
· 28,000: Number of Poinsettias
· 7,000: Number of LED lights found on the holiday tree
· 7,000: Number of carnations used to create the mama polar bear
· 2,500: Number of ornaments found on the holiday tree
· 2,500: Number of white carnations and hydrangeas to create each baby polar bear
· 1,200: Number of red and white roses to make each train
· 125: Team members who participate in the display’s assembly
· 42 feet: Height of the White Fir holiday tree
· 25: Number of Silver Tip Fir trees
· 10: Number of hanging ornaments
· 6: Number of polar bears
· 4: Number of toy soldiers
· 3: Number of trains
· 3: Number of hanging snowflakes
· 2: Number of elves decorating the tree

The following photos were taken during a visit to this year’s display:

Huge holiday arrangements like this one decorate the Bellagio’s check-in area just outside the holiday gardens.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Also in the check-in lobby area just outside the holiday gardens is a samurai statue reminding visitors of the lifestyle and art of the samurai warrior currently on display at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The public is welcomed free to the Bellagio gardens 24 hours a day through January 6. The largest presence in the gardens is a 42-foot White Fir decorated with 7,000 lights and 2,500 ornaments.
Photo by Diane Taylor
A trio of silver wrapped boxes await placement under the tree.
Photo by Diane Taylor
New to the display this year is an 18-foot ice queen, dressed in preserved red roses, silver palmetto leaves, fresh hydrangeas and phalaenopsis orchids.
Photo by Diane Taylor
A polar bear as a gift? Well at least he is cute. The bears in the gardens are decorated with white carnations and hydrangeas.
Photo by Diane Taylor
One of three trains that give a running video of their their routes is seen here. Note the Coca Cola mention. A sponsorship, perhaps?
Photo by Diane Taylor
Just a fir tree with lights — no ornaments necessary.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Ornaments come in all sizes and poinsettias in all colors at the Bellagio display.
Photo by Diane Taylor
He’s mighty tall and he guards the premises.
Photo by Diane Taylor
My my, little man, what a colorful holiday wardrobe you have. The Bellagio tells us Designer Ed Libby and the Bellagio Horticulture team drew inspiration from classic children’s books and holiday lore, including “the Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Though not decorated with flowers, these bears are on sale at a shop whose entrance is at the rear of the Bellagio gardens. The shop gives visitors plenty to see and dream about. I saw one somewhat intricate glass ornament on a tree of ornaments that alone cost $63.00.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Folks who look “up” at the Bellagio gardens see snowflakes and these massive hanging ornaments.
Photo by Diane Taylor
An elf who likes to wave hello and goodbye to guests. Happy holidays, everyone!
Photo by Diane Taylor


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