Blow, Gabriel, Blow

A good book and a box of tissues. Day one.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I missed CES this year. I’ve had a world class cold or flu or “what’s going around” this past week, the week of the Consumer Electronics Show.

My neighbor and gambling partner got “it” first, a few days ahead of me, but our symptoms and experiences are similar: first a sore throat, then a head full of stuff we can’t talk about on a family web site, days of nose-blowing and misery (even my teeth hurt), then a trip to a medical place to ask about the pink eye that showed up as well. We both are popping eye drops and salve and hope we are finally, sort of, maybe, getting better.

A poster for the Longmire series on Netflix. Love the guy.

I’m thankful to friends who have called to make sure I’m still alive. I’m thankful, too, that in past months I had over-ordered boxes of what I still call Kleenex, but which technically are “tissues”. I’m grateful to Smith’s Food & Drug who makes it easy to order online and then have groceries delivered. Yes, I agreed to pay someone to deliver groceries (my friends offered, but at the end of a week, I needed a fair amount of groceries for me and the dogs and I thought asking them to lug home my order was a bit much).

And so….what about this column? Details of that little tickle that finds its way to one’s throat causing coughing sprees will be left to others. So, what about a review of the last book I read, the one I finished the first day of my illness? OK, that’ll do.

Megan Edwards is the founder and Executive Editor of Living Las Vegas; she is also an author who has written several books, and mostly I love her writing. I definitely had a great time with her latest book, Full Service Blonde, a Copper Black Mystery.

Dalziel & Pascoe is an older sometimes crude and often funny British crime series, now available on Britbox.

I’m a TV mystery fan (I just joined a streaming service called “Britbox” so I could see even more British TV mysteries), but I’m generally not a fiction fan. However Full Service Blonde kept me turning pages, first because of its interesting murder victim (a working girl), and later because…well, I just enjoyed the ups and downs of Copper Black’s life.. The setting is Las Vegas and Edwards’ descriptions of familiar places are right on. Her heroine is a young reporter, a job I know a wee bit about, and her heroine’s family and love life experiences are the heart of the novel and kept me reading. I’m giving Full Service Blonde lots of stars and hope Megan Edwards writes more Copper Black mysteries.

The series, Luther, on Netflix has some scary plots, but looking at this hunk of a guy (Idris Elba, 6’3″) is easy.

Incidentally, on Britbox I’ve been binging an older mystery series called Dalziel $ Pascoe. The Dalziel character has quite the weathered face; he smokes; he’s crude to the point of at least once an episode, scratching his crotch; he’s cynical and funny; the mysteries are rather nicely solved, and I got hooked. (The show has 12 seasons, and I’m about half-way through.)

British crime series aren’t much for shoot ’em ups, more for character and figuring things out. Lady British detectives I loved on Netflix (and now Britbox) are Scott & Bailey, and though the series Luther is a bit more “out there” than others, lead actor Idris Elba is quite the hunk.

In the older “hunk” category is Sheriff Walt Longmier (Robert Taylor), also on Netflix, who solves mysteries in Wyoming, doesn’t talk much and to me, seems quite the man’s man. In between naps, I visit all these folks.

Just a minute, the doorbell is ringing. My groceries have arrived.


3 responses on “Blow, Gabriel, Blow

  1. I hope you’re feeling better, Diane! Thanks for the tips about BritBox. I love those British mysteries, too. It pleases me no end that Copper Black helped you through the flu. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Megan and I both had the “cold” before we left to go to the UK. The only lasting effect I seem to have is a very PERSISTENT cough. Hope you are 100% A-OK soon!

  3. This too shall pass. Sorry the bug got you. Just when that tickling cough seems like it will never go away, believe it or not, it does. Only coughed a few times today. Get well soon.

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