Walking the Las Vegas Strip 2018

Since the last “Walking” video, the Wynn has added its own lighted dancing waters fountain.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I can’t lie. I occasionally look at my own videos uploaded to YouTube for downloading into this site, and I see the numbers. By far, the video that has had the most viewers was a 2012 video, “Walking the Las Vegas Strip”. To date, that video has had 705,000 views — nothing compared to anything done by the Kardashians, but rather impressive to me.

And so, five years later, I felt the time was right for a redo. Lots has changed on the Strip since 2012 and besides, last Tuesday was a perfect walking day. The air was crisp and clear enough for videos, and the trip wasn’t tedious or tiring at all, although the next morning when I got out of bed, lots of things were sore.

While feeling rather tender the next day, I decided to watch the news. Every broadcast was talking about cold and snow on the East Coast. We who live in Las Vegas get a rather perverse joy in watching such news. Note, on the video, the weather in Las Vegas in January.


4 responses on “Walking the Las Vegas Strip 2018

  1. Great video tour! Yes, you got some serious exercise on this report. I didn’t know about the name change of the Monte Carlo. Interesting stuff.


  2. Great video Diane. How long did it take you to walk that tour. I enjoyed it and some very interesting info on the parking and the name change of the Monte Carlo.

  3. That is quite a hike! Many many years ago a friend and I walked from the Stratosphere to Excalibur and back! I look at that stretch now and think HOW did we do that?!

  4. Very impressive tour. You easily could have your weekly spot on 60 Minutes. All the women would watch for sure. You did forget to mention there are lots of bathrooms inside all the Casinos.

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