A Video Tour of MGM Grand Las Vegas 2018

The MGM Grand Las Vegas opened in 1993 and was once the largest hotel complex in the world.
Photo by Diane Taylor

As the headline suggests, the purpose of this post is to introduce “A Video Tour of MGM Grand Las Vegas 2018”. Actually, I visited the MGM Grand more than once in the making of this video. In the initial process of filming, my batteries ran out near the end of my visit, and later I inadvertently erased a bit of video.

Not to worry, I had the time for return visits AND the Las Vegas daytime weather was great.

And yes, the idea for this video came from a viewer of one of my earlier videos. Because I hadn’t visited the MGM Grand for several years, I liked the viewer’s suggestion.

Overall, I was impressed with the MGM Grand Las Vegas — clean and sparkling with lights, activities and art. (In addition to the art in the games area, every stall in the ladies’ washrooms I used had a painting on the wall.) A person with a seven-day stay at the MGM Grand could have dinner at a different restaurant every evening, could see a number of shows, could enjoy cocktails several times a day at different locations AND could occupy other spare hours at a myriad of big and bright slot machines, numerous table games, a sports book, a poker room, a virtual reality experience or a visit to The District (for shopping, dining, spa-ing and even getting married!)

Places to eat and drink and perhaps watch sports are everywhere at MGM Grand Las Vegas.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I didn’t see many folks at MGM Grand with walkers, wheel chairs or scooters because the place is so massive that the word must have gone out that smaller venues might be more convenient for those with walking issues.

I did see plenty of younger people and people in suits walking quickly with destinations in mind.

I was particularly impressed with largeness: the massive MGM Grand lobby and the size of many of the restaurants. As you will see in the video, the MGM cashier’s cage is also a showstopper.

Dealers for games such as Bib Six have given way to electronics. This is the Big Six at MGM Grand.
Photo by Diane Taylor

On the first of my recent visits to MGM Grand I parked in MGM’s self-parking lot. I had applied for and received an MGM-affiliated credit card which gave me a Pearl players card which provided free self-parking.

The self-parking area is huge, but I “thought” I knew where I had parked my car. However, Wwhen my first visit to the MGM Grand was over, I couldn’t find my car. I apparently got turned around on my re-entry and went to the wrong “wall” near where I thought I had parked. So I walked around (and around) until I found someone in a uniform; that someone called a Security Guard on a bicycle, and my car was located. (I had won $50 that day at the casino so was able to tip the Security person…with MGM money!) On my two subsequent trips (don’t tell anybody) I simply parked at the Tropicana Las Vegas and walked to the MGM Grand using the overhead walkway.

My resulting video is attached to this article; hope you enjoy it.


4 responses on “A Video Tour of MGM Grand Las Vegas 2018

  1. Great job, Diane. I have been in MGM several times but don’t wander to far from the doors because I am so afraid of getting lost in there and not being able to find a door to get out of. The place is Huge and not enough exits. Didn’t really realize what all was in there till this article. Thanks.

  2. Dear Diane, thank you a thousand times for your video tour! I’ll be going to MGM Grand Las Vegas this year for the first time and now (thanks to you darling) I’m more than prepared. Can’t wait to see all these attractions in person 🙂

    Thanks again my dear…

  3. Shared this post on “101st Lions Clubs International Convention Las Vegas USA” facebook page as the MGM Grand is the main convention hotel. I am sure you will get lots of “likes” on it.

  4. Excellent virtual tour of the grand hotel. You did a great job Ms. Diane Taylor.
    I can’t wait to see everything in person although I have been there quite a few times but I have not toured the whole hotel.
    I am going to the Lions International Convention this year and can’t wait to see these attractions showed in this video in person.
    Thank you,
    Arceli Careeon

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