Time Challenges? This is the Guide for You

In our time challenged world, we all seem to want more time to travel or to experience more of the world around us – especially if it just takes a day, or even a part of a day, off the beaten path. Rick Quinn has assembled the perfect guide to answer your time bound wanderlust.

Arizona and New Mexico are undoubtedly two of this country’s most fascinating and beautiful states – but much of the beauty, and surely the most interesting places, are not along the interstates. The good news is that many are just a short detour from your main journey as you barrel down the freeway. Rick has compiled a well-organized and well-documented set of 25 short “getaways” – for the day, the weekend, or as a short detour from your main adventure.

Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips is a stunningly beautiful book with hundreds of color photos, easy-to-read route maps, and insider tips that only a well-traveled tour guide would know. The tone is conversational – as though Rick were right alongside you showing you the points of interest, peppering you with historical facts, warning you about potential hazards along the way and pointing you to the best places to stay or eat on the route. The book is organized in a logical fashion with helpful color-coding to separate the routes, boxes pointing out the highlights, and travel time information to guide you along your way. Several of the routes connect to one another for a longer adventure, and all can be driven in either direction with helpful notes to doing so. A well-documented index will help you find that section on your favorite town or place in either state.

The video (below) was produced by LLV Contributing Writer, Diane Taylor, at the May 11th appearance of Rick Quinn and Scott Dickensheets at The Writer’s Block. Scott Dickensheets, the Deputy Director of the NPR magazine “Desert Companion Magazine” in Las Vegas, interviewed Rick Quinn in a lively Q&A presentation.

Many of the routes include hiking and exploring in order to see the best of the location’s outdoors experience, but many can be viewed from the vehicle or via a short stroll along a developed, often paved, pathway. And there is something for almost everyone from kitschy roadside Route 66 locations, to serious off road adventures placing you at the edge of the Colorado River or next to ancient Indian ruins.

You absolutely don’t have to be a fitness buff to enjoy these side trips, as there are adventures for every fitness level. You can soak up the energy at an “energy vortex” in Sedona, or soak in a spa in Taos – and much more along the bi-ways. Whatever you do – don’t leave home without this guide on your next trip in Arizona or New Mexico. Leave a little extra time in your journey, and enjoy the side roads of life.

Carol White, author of Live Your Road Trip Dream

RoadTrip America’s Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Rick Quinn

There is also an e-book of this book. Both formats are now on sale.

All of the routes described in Rick Quinn’s book are now available as RTA Library Maps for downloading for personal use.

Rick Quinn, a RoadTrip America Contributing Writer will be on a 10-city book tour starting in April. We’d really appreciate your support if you find that he will be speaking in a city near you. Plus, Rick is very entertaining! Click here for the schedule of his events. Rick will be at the Writer’s Block in downtown Las Vegas on Friday, May 11th at 6:30 pm

Rick also publishes a monthly article about his travels in North America on the 15th of each month. Click here to read his most recent blog post. Additional information about this book, Rick’s bio and an area map showing all 25 of the Scenic Side Trip routes can be seen here.