About My Transition…

She’s outspoken, loves a laugh and is passionate about Las Vegas. Vegas Di also likes the evolution of words. This piece was originally presented at the Bootlegger Bistro where the characters (who are named in the piece) are host/comedienne/singer/impressionist Kelly Clinton, her husband singer Clint Holmes, her Musical Director Mike Clark and the 82 1/2-year-old wild redhead in the front row, Maxine Gaines.


4 responses on “About My Transition…

  1. Very clever transition wishes. What about being in a New York in a Broadway play? Or announinge a baseball game with Harry Carey during your transition? Or maybe you could read dad’s favorite quotes on 60 Minutes at the end of the show?

  2. Interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking words. You’ve got it, Vegas Di!!!

  3. I love how she points out all the tiny transitions that are everpresent in our lives, and how the notion of change persists even when it comes to spiritual matters

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