I Got Kissed on the Wig!

The other night an entertainment type, you know, one of those huggers and air kissers, came into the restaurant where I was sitting. He started hugging everyone and then reached for me and I grabbed his hand and said, “I’m not a hugger, but Hello”. He seemed to understand, but then as he passed by, he kissed me on the top of my head which meant – yes, he kissed the top of my new wig! I was so amused, I whispered to the lady next to me,” I just got kissed on my wig”.

A wig, worn to a restaurant, is a relatively new thing for me. I’ve always had a short wig or two to use in case I have just come out of a pool and suddenly needed to go on an errand.

But a couple months ago, I dropped into a wig store that was next to my favorite camera shop and decided to look for a better looking wig – one with a bit more hair than the wigs I currently owned. (My own hair, said my hairdresser, was thinning a bit.)

I found just such a hairy wig. Whoopee! It wasn’t cheap, but what the heck.

I wore the new wig one night when I was too lazy to curl my own hair. Other people I knew were in the same place (a restaurant with entertainment). Suddenly two people stopped by and said I looked so “good” that night. Another person said they liked my hair that night. I hadn’t received such compliments in quite a while. That wig was doing wonders. I then vowed to wear the wig more often.

A week or so ago, I was to record myself on video and I wondered – with or without the wig? You see, sometimes when I looked in a mirror wearing my new wig, I thought I looked 10 years younger and “with it”. Other times, I felt I looked as if I had just gotten dressed up for Halloween.

So I recorded myself in my own hair and then I recorded myself in my wig. The wig definitely made me look more awake …. but its fly-away nature looked rather messy (for a video). I patted down the wig and tried again…and OK, that was better. I still looked a bit like I was the epitome of fake news, but I did get one remark liking my “new look”.

I have two lady friends “around” my age who wear wigs every day and one would never know they were wigging it. They look great. My wig isn’t quite as authentic.

But a guy kissed me on my new wig – and that is a memory I’ll not soon forget.


5 responses on “I Got Kissed on the Wig!

  1. Looking for an appropriate comment, but I’ve got nothing. Guess it would be eerie if the kisser knew he was kissing a wig. But, but….. I wonder what it feels like to kiss a wig?

  2. Diane, a kiss is a kiss no matter how you try to deny it, if placed directly on the person. That lady??? you told you were kissed on your wig is questionable too….

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