End of Year Holiday Observations

A scene from the Clark County Museum featuring early Las Vegas area inhabitants.
(More photos will come in a future article.)
Photo by Diane Taylor

Lots of different topics this week:

I admit that laziness has set in and I’m finding my lounge chair and the TV just too comfortable. I have subscribed to a number of streaming services, so in between various outings and a bit of reading, I have now seen the whole new season of Amazon’s “Mrs. Maisal” — love all the characters there — and I just finished “The Morning Show” on Apple TV with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston — great writing.

I am also a subscriber to Britbox, a British streaming service. This week I decided to watch Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message wondering what it was all about. I found the message quite remarkable. The Queen is in her 90s and gave a lovely talk that showed great warmth and wisdom.

Next I noticed I could watch the “Royal Variety Performance 2019” held at the London Palladium. This variety show was for charity with Prince William and Kate Middleton in the audience. The Royal Variety Performance was the terrific show with a nice non-commercial mix of music, dance, comedy and even a stunning Cirque du Soleil performer. The stage settings were Broadway quality and the program fast moving. Below is a video of the arrivals of the royals at the event.

In this day of online ordering, my mailman has been extra busy, delivering packages, telling me in the mail box that a package is at the door, etc. At the post office, the lines have been longer than ever. A friend waited over an hour to mail her package. I salute all the folks who work for the the post office at holiday time.

The Bootlegger players as judges for The Voice. From left, Lena Prima, Clint Holmes, Kelly Clinton and Joe DiNunzio.
Photo by Diane Taylor

On Christmas Eve morning I had occasion to go to Quest Diagnostics for a blood test. I had been at my Quest location before and, without an appointment, waited hours to be taken care of. So this time, I had carefully made an appointment. When I arrived, no one was in the lobby…no one. I could have walked right in with no appointment! So, word to the wise. If you want fast service at Quest, come have your blood test on Christmas Eve!

Before Christmas I made my first visit to the Clark County Museum for their holiday open house. For some reason, I didn’t realize how very dark it is along Boulder Highway and I was looking for addresses! I finally made it to the museum and had a delightful time walking through the museum and the decorated heritage houses, with vintages between the 1920s and 1940s (some decors which I remember!). As I was leaving one house, a visitor talking to one of the volunteers said, “I’m from the East Coast. To me, all these homes look new!”

I’ve seen a couple holiday shows in Las Vegas and I can’t help but give Clint Holmes‘ holiday show my strongest recommendation. My friend Libby Hoover and I have seen many of these shows, but we agreed this year’s show one of the best. I was also lucky enough to see Martin Rivera and his ex-wife (yes ex-wife), Pops Fernandez, in a show called “Two-Gether Again” at M Resort, tickets courtesy of Gerri Fahrer. Many great numbers were performed by the headliners, and videos from 30 or so years ago when both were young (and in love) were fascinating. Their children also performed, and I have a recommendation for the oldest son who now sports a mop of rather unkempt hair that kept covering his face: See a barber!

During a holiday gambling outing at the Wynn Las Vegas, this was one family’s scene at the buffet. Junior was obviously not one for conversation with the adults.
Photo by Diane Taylor

And then there was Monday Night’s Open Mic at the Bootlegger Bistro. Hostess Kelly Clinton was dressed in red and set the mood by opening the night with “Santa Baby”. Kelly also brought back a skit with costumes. We have missed the skits! Lots of other Christmas music was featured, and it was a great night. We sat with a friend who came equipped with small gifts and delicious chocolate. Why is it, we never lose our taste for chocolate?

I’ve done some gambling in the past week. Nothing special except I guess I wished my favorite machines a Merry Christmas. Yep, I lost money.

I have a sign above my desk that says, “What is the next right move?” That’s great advice, but I don’t always follow it, particularly when I have a decision as to whether dessert is a good or bad idea. But now I have a real dilemma. I have had “new” rather severe wrist pain for a couple months which the hand doctor says is arthritis of the thumb and wrist. I am scheduled for wrist surgery, but…I am still deciding whether to go ahead. The doctor had said to try the anti-inflammatory pills he subscribed, and if they worked I could cancel the surgery. However, Google tells me the pills are not to be taken for “extended periods”. I checked with a local pharmacist and she suggested taking the pills for 30 days and then “see what happens”. I’m in the “see what happens” stage now. My wrist is MUCH better, but now and then it still sends me a message. I wish I knew now “What is the next right move?”

And finally, thanks to good friends who hosted dinners to celebrate the season. I am full….of good food and great conversation. Happy New Year, everyone!


6 responses on “End of Year Holiday Observations

  1. Diane, I LOVE your descriptions of the events you attend and so many other happenings in your life! Your well chosen words make me feel as if I had been….or should have been! lol May your New Year be filled with all the joy you desire…and deserve!

  2. Wow! You did a lot; we did a lot.
    Here’s wishing you better luck at the slot machines and better health for me in 2020!

  3. It’s been a great season, so many things to see and do. I’m glad we could spend some of it together. Christmas day was very nice and the dinner wasn’t half bad if I say so myself, ( my lasagna seemed to be enjoyed.) Here’s hoping the new year will bring just as much happiness.
    Happy New Year to all our friends and family.

  4. Yes, great column as always. I have the same problem with my wrist and the ortho doctor said it was bursitis, gave me two shots of cortisone and most of the pain is gone but now have some other pain on the one side of the wrist and Medicare won’t pay for an MRI. Don’t know what to do now. Oh well.

  5. Yes, we used to listen the Queen’s message every year. Not heard this year though.
    For many years it has been an insightful and optimistic view of the world affairs.


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