Vegas Puts on Big Show…About Concrete

This gigantic Ultra Xtreme Capacity Roller Boom by Xtreme Manufacturing greeted visitors to the World of Concrete outdoor displays.
Photo by Diane Taylor

For folks who are not in the construction business, hearing that a big convention in Las Vegas is called “World of Concrete” may seem somewhat laughable.

However, folks who laugh should take a look at a new video by the Portland Cement Association, to be reminded of the importance of concrete to all of our lives.

The World of Concrete, held Feb 5, 6 & 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is another way to learn about concrete and the many products and machines that help create the world’s most popular building material.

I visited the World of Concrete last Thursday, complete with the long walk from the parking lot. I admit that the technology of concrete is not something I innately know about, but I loved looking around and talking with exhibitors. My video below takes a look at some World of Concrete outdoor displays, with just a bit of a tour inside the convention center’s south hall.

Of course walking around a large convention is not without its tired feet. On one of my bench spells, I talked with a man from Boise, Idaho. I asked him what he did in Boise, and he said that his company “lifts concrete”. What? He explained that concrete sometimes sinks in the ground and his company injects some sort of polyurethane foam under the sunken area to bring the concrete level up once again. He added, incidentally, that Boise is becoming its own silicon valley with lots of West Coast tech types moving there. I didn’t know a business like his existed and I had not kept up on my Boise news either.

The blue VACUWORX attachment lifts large slabs of concrete using vacuum technology.
Photo by Diane Taylor

For the attendees at the World of Concrete, they learned on the show floor and in a series of educational programs and events. Among the education topics were “Moisture in Concrete Floor Slabs Benefits & Challenges”, “Fall Prevention: Means and Methods for Preventing Falls” and “GFRC Concrete Countertops: Step-by-Step Process.” Events at the show included a John Deere Operator Challenge, a Beat the Bricklayer Challenge and a presentation on Construction of Hoover Dam and Hoover Bypass Presentation. Lots more was happening at World of Concrete, so for many of the 60,000 attendees, three days were not enough to see it all.


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  1. My Dad was a brick and stone mason, so this convention might have been interesting for me. I think I’m suffering concrete overload.

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