A Few Observations from a Stay-at-Homer

Spring fashions, so tempting…

My most negative observation about this coronavirus business is that being confined to home is like being home sick…without being sick…a new experience. At least, if the virus attacks, we are experienced stay-at-homers.

For the last two weeks, I have been very proud of myself. I’m a QVC and HSN shopper and in the past weeks I’ve seen a number of Spring fashion items that were quite appealing…but, hanging on to my cash for other important purposes (chocolate bunnies at Easter), I didn’t buy. Yippee, I do have online shopping discipline after all!

Speaking of my shopping channels, I tend to watch them when it’s commercial time on the news channels. So I see a serious doctor telling us all to stay home, wash our hands and not to touch our faces, and then I switch to QVC or HSN and they are selling wrinkle reducer and eye makeup and the models are touching their faces like crazy. I find that funny.

The new gate arms.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Something else funny: Our HOA just approved a new gate system to hopefully keep unwanted cars from following owner cars into the complex. The new gate arms were recently installed, and the gate company guy was due to come to the complex today. Some of us met the gate guy with our questions. We were near the end of our questions when one of our group, a person who lives not far from the gate entrance, decided to try the portable gate remote she brought with her. She punched a button and nothing happened at the gate. She announced her failure and the gate guy and his assistant got very worried. She punched several more times with no results. After a while, the gate assistant borrowed the remote, punched more buttons and started fiddling with settings. The assistant then noticed that nearby garage doors were going up and down. Turns out that our neighbor had grabbed the wrong remote! (Lots of laughter ensued… and we needed it.)

I had a great time the other night watching Chadwick Johnson’s StageIt concert online. Amanda King and Patrick Hogan plan another such concert Saturday night (I’m writing this on Friday) and I can’t wait. The more of these concerts by our favorite local entertainers the better!

Because I have often tended to over-order food online, I have more than enough food to wait out this stay-at-home confinement. However, I did add to the larder when I heard that one of my favorite local restaurants, Monzu, was open for bread purchases only. (Monzu’s bread is delicious.) I ordered, and a friend and I made the trip to Monzu where glove-wearing Naomi Mauro, restaurant co-owner and my favorite jazz singer, was handling the sales. I read online that the day previous to our visit, the restaurant sold out of bread. Bravo Monzu!

(My freezer is under major stress, however.)

All the important news is here.
Photo by Diane Taylor

My dogs have more of me these days than they have ever had. At first, they were happy not to be left alone, but I’m getting the impression lately that too much of me is driving them a bit crazy. (Before the virus scare, they got more treats because when I had been out for several hours, I felt guilty and opened the treat jar upon my return.) Thank goodness, we have ducks in the swimming pool most nights giving the dogs opportunity to run around the pool, bark and get excited.

The reading highlights of my confinement have been Johnny Katz’ lack-of-Las-Vegas-entertainment column and People Magazine. From People I learned that puffy sleeves are in, that Prince Harry believes he is normal, that Hugh Hefner’s youngest son is expecting a baby and that Suzanne Somers, at 73 and posing nude, is still “effervescent”.

Yep, confinement can be fun and educational!


3 responses on “A Few Observations from a Stay-at-Homer

  1. Your blog is so upbeat. Thanks for some smiles today. Me, not so much! I’m already over this! But I will admit the local “concerts” are helping,
    Frankie Scinta tonight at 7!

  2. I loved your humerus life style. I miss my sports and find myself watching movies and of course the hallmark movies. I too am getting stir crazy. We will get over this

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