His Camera Catches the World’s Majesty

Steve Hanson of Las Vegas was trained as a physicist, but has spent the last 35 years as an electrical/software engineer. During time off, Hanson loves travel and these days he takes with him a Sony RX10 IV with a 1″ sensor and a 24-600 mm zoom lens. Steve shares his photos with neighbors (I am one of those neighbors) and seems to be able to see the magesty of the world with just the click of that Sony. Below are a few of Steve’s photos:

A Japanese White-eye Bird in Kona, Hawaii.
London’s Tower Bridge at night.
Lily pads in the rain, Kona, Hawaii.

Bee on blossoms.

Northwest Blue Garden Snake.

Lisbon, Portugal.
Kona, Hawaii sunrise.

Kona, Hawaii Sailfin Tang.
Airliner departing Las Vegas.
A Callisthenes Beetle seen in Taquitz Canyon in Palm Springs.
Valley of Fire Big Horn Sheep.
New York City from Top of the Roc.
Mt. Ranier Marmot, a ground squirrel.
Washington Blue Heron.
Madrid, Spain’s Almudena Cathedral (Santa María la Real de La Almudena) at night.
Green Tree Frog.
Monarch Butterfly.
Priest Point Washington Tree Squirrel
Red Rock Turtlehead Peak.
Steve Hanson almost never appears in his own photos with this exception from a number of years ago. This selfie was taken of the dome at the South Pole. Steve had been sent to work on the South Pole Satellite Data Link (SPSDL) system.
Palm Springs Tahquitz Canyon Black Lizard.
Strawberry blossoms.
Nevada Valley of Fire.
Lily in Kew Gardens, London.
Two-Step Reef Fish, Kona, Hawaii.
Hale Bopp Comet.
Cat Face Spider in web.
Crater Lake, Oregon.
Washington Goldfinch.
Hawaiian Red Cow (yep, that’s the real name).
Kona, Hawaii Gecko on fruit. It’s not easy being green (sometimes) just as it isn’t easy saying farewell to this edition of Steve Hanson’s photos.


5 responses on “His Camera Catches the World’s Majesty

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! Thank you so much Diane for not only sharing these beautiful snippets of our amazing planet, but helping take our attention away from the current worldwide concerns. Just proves Mother Nature’s in our corner. Our neighbor Steve has a breathtaking talent!

  2. His photos are spectacular. He has great skill and the camera to back it up. Naming however, not so much. His Washington Goldfinch is actually a Wilson’s Warbler, Cardellina pusilla, and his Hawaiian Red Cow is actually a Red-crested Cardinal, Paroaria coronata.

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