Shutdown Days and Nights With the Family

Note: Most of us really don’t like endless stories about other people’s children, grandchildren and pets, but times being what they are……

I am all powerful. I can make tails wag.

That is just one of my shutdown insights while being stuck at home with three dogs. The intensity of our togetherness emphasizes the kids’ plusses and minuses.

Sandy, the beagle, isn’t smart in terms of playing fetch, but she has a world class nose and is the leader of the gang . She tends to give Donald Trump a tentative thumbs up because the cononavirus hasn’t come to our house…yet.

From front to back: Kelly, Piccolo and Sandy
Photo by Diane Taylor

The good part of Sandy is that she is pretty. The bad part is that she is a stalker. Lunch for the dogs is around Noon, and starting at 11 a.m. Sandy is by my side looking up at me as if she has been abandoned on a highway and hasn’t eaten for days. She doesn’t talk, yet she does. She says, “I hope you are about finished with that book because it’s lunch time; I am VERY hungry and I won’t let you have a minute’s rest until I hear that pet bowl hit the floor.”

When Sandy doesn’t get her way, she knocks over waste baskets and opens cabinet doors. Her message is, “Take that, sucker!”.

Kelly is the next oldest. She is our energizer chihuahua and our doorbell. Her bark could shatter glass, so if I’m napping or involved with a TCM movie, I am shocked out of my stupor with her bark. It’s as if she is saying, “Someone’s at the door, goddammit; now get out here!” And so I go to the door.

Piccolo, another chihuahua, is our youngest. She’s the snuggler of the group , with the softest fur and such a cute face when she’s in my lap and looking up at me, I am sure I gave birth to her.

Oops, Piccolo isn’t a her; she’s a him and I often forget that, though not when I take her (him) on a walk. Piccolo stops at every tree to leave a calling card. His calling card squirter is only an inch long, but it works. Sadly (for Piccolo) he isn’t able to reproduce little Piccolos; though he’s great at calling cards.

The dogs do a lot of sleeping these days. Sometimes they dream and a leg or two moves, and sometimes I hear mini-barks as well. If you, too, are a dog owner, don’t you wonder what the dogs are dreaming?

The small dogs, Kelly and Piccolo, also snore. My husband used to SNORE, but the dogs have just a gentle sound that sometimes substitutes for those CDs promising sleep-inducing ocean waves. Dog snores are nice.

Kelly is a great outdoors pee-er and occasional pooper and when I see it, I give her all sorts of praise. But she is also an occasional gift-leaver indoors. I yell; she looks guilty and just when I think she is learning…another gift.

Outdoors, the other dogs are reliable. They pee, poop and then attempt to cover up the poop with reverse kicks of their back legs. That never works. They always miss badly, and I laugh. The only way the poop disappears is that Mama takes the newspaper wrap, picks up the poop and moves it to the trash bin. The newspaper is getting thinner during the almost-no-advertising coronavirus shutdown, but I hope they keep the plastic wrap.

Early mornings, when we all wake up, the dogs are waiting for me to pet them. They compete for attention and given it, their tails wag furiously. Yes, I am powerful, even during a shutdown. I can make tails wag.

Life is good.


5 responses on “Shutdown Days and Nights With the Family

  1. Pets are adoring and loving. Adoption has been up as reported at animal shelters very recently.

  2. Diane thanks for sharing ! We can definitely relate to the puppy love as we are enjoying our JoJo (girl) more than ever….especially right now.
    We are grateful for the joy she always brings us. Good to know you have this kind of unconditional love in abundance! Keep your stories coming we love them!

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