In Praise of the At-Home Command Center

One-half of the command center (neatened up for the photo).

NOTE: As a writer, I really prefer to write about other people, but George Clooney was unavailable, so…

Every day, we see the President and other government officials and advisors holding briefings about the coronavirus. They are in their Washington, D.C. command center.

But that command center isn’t where all the action is during this pandemic. Although I spend a good deal of alone time in my office (my big computer is the only place to listen to some of the Internet concerts by local performers), a good deal of my time is spent in my own command center.

My command center is a La-Z-Boy chair in the family room with two side tables and a movable table that I can pull in front of me for dining. Yes, a small blanket for my mature-person chill is also part of this action as is a portable light for reading. (Mature eyes appreciate lots of light.)

On one of the side tables is a telephone, a box of Kleenex, a note pad with my credit card number (in case I order something online, which is rare these days, but not impossible) and space for two large glasses of water (my digestion, don’t you know). On the other side table are the books I am yet to read, a salt shaker for when I pull up the “dinner table” and need (or rather “use”) some salt and an iPad (in addition to relentlessly checking emails and news on Facebook, I watch old Shark Tank TV episodes and then look up products to see if they are still in business. Many are; some aren’t.)

The other side of the command center with my model sitting in the command seat.

Both side tables alternate as space for my three remotes: one for cox cable (I’ve ordered a couple movies with this one; I’ve also watched many TV programs at once with my world-class channel switching abilities); one for my LG TV (so I can punch a button and get a choice of other services such as Netflix), and one for a Bose radio I ordered some time ago. ( I had never used the radio remote before, but from the command center, I can now punch a button and voila! radio! I seem to always need some sound in the house other than the sound of twelve paws with long nails on the tile floors. My Bose is a radio that also plays CDs and my current favorite CD is Brick House by Dennis Blair.)

My command center is not far from the kitchen, which is both good and bad news. I don’t have far to walk to get something to eat, but then again I don’t have far to walk to get something to eat.

My command center with blanket is a swell place for either of my two chihuahuas to join me. They sleep with me on my left (because a remote is in my right hand) or they are on top of me and their warmth is welcome.

I suspect many single people will have some sort of single command center during the coronavirus. Family people may not be so lucky, unless all family members like the same things all the time. Not likely.

My friend and neighbor Gerri and I walk every afternoon, and the dogs and I make our laps, but when all that is over, a return to the command center is like a big “ahh”. I feel safe and away from the harm of the world.

My command center outfit is one of the three extra large one-size-fits-all sweatshirts (sold on QVC) and some slithery slacks that will never see the light of day when others are around. I always wear a bra because, well, it’s just easier than the flip flop that otherwise would be the case. My bra is also an easy place to store my ChapStock.

When all this is over, I suppose some form of the Command Center will remain, but at least I will be able to leave it…and feel that “ahh” when being out on the town having meals with friends, listening to live music, laughing with others in an audience and perhaps, even being reunited with a slot machine or two.

Hang tough, everyone.


3 responses on “In Praise of the At-Home Command Center

  1. We have a “dual” command center, (his and her’s, if you will), and it’s stocked with many of the same items you have, except for the unread books. Those books are in the closet!

    Thanks for the visual!

    Hurry back in person music!

  2. Sounds like my day with exception of walking. My dog doesn’t know how to act as I’m normally not home. He loves my lap.

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