Yes, We Got Sports!

Watch it, King Kong Kelly, you big monkey; when my Bruiser ears are up, it’s all over…for YOU!

I know many sports fans are lonely these days, but I have lots of sports to view – and we’re not talking re-runs.

My sport is wrestling and I happen to live with two excellent wrestlers, Piccolo the Bruiser and King Kong Kelly.

In attendance, watching quietly from the sidelines is wrestling legend The Great Sandy!

Not only are their matches live, they are raw as well – real raw — no trunks. However, these rowdy guys move so fast, nothing much is viewable. Besides, most wrestlers leave little to the imagination anyway.

Tonight is the big fight, the Shutdown Smackdown. It’s a pay-per-view event (lunch for the wrestlers) and is sponsored by the Worldwide Family Room Wrestling Federation (WFRWF, pronounced “wffffr”). Prizes will include Pet ‘n Shape Chic’n Hide Twists, the wrestlers’ favorite. And guess what? The famous Al Bernstein has almost volunteered to do an instant analysis.

I’m going to give Bruiser the King Kong Kelly Evil Eye and he’ll have nowhere to go…except home!

The stand is sold out, and on the side, wait a minute…we see a wrestling legend!

Let’s give a big welcome to The Great Sandy who only dabbles in wrestling these days, but shows she’s still got great technique and can dominate a match if she has a mind to.

After the wrestlers have had a long nap, they will warm up and be ready to go.

Now you might think wrestling is fake and frankly, that opinion may have merit. You will hear lots of snorts and see lots of teeth bared, but in the end nobody seems to get hurt. These athletes are real pros.

Look at the clock. It’s almost fight time.

The wrestlers are getting ready. They’ve been stretching and yawning.

I think both wrestlers will credit their outstanding physical shapes to the duck couple who have been visiting the backyard swimming pool for the past five years. Those ducks come and the wrestlers decide to exercise like crazy, running around the pool, making noises, until the ducks decide to find a real lake. The exercise does wonders for the wrestlers, strengthening their dogceps.

Now it’s time. King Kong and the Bruiser enter the ring with….get this…no handlers and oh my gosh, no referee! But not to worry, the fan in the stand can make a fair decision.

Let the match begin!


7 responses on “Yes, We Got Sports!

  1. Diane, that was awesome! How cute! Your lead-up description to the event was great! Thanks for the uplifting, easy on the brain, humor!

  2. Funny and so creative! Thanks for sharing your video! “Let’s go to the video tape….”

  3. What an entertaining video and captions. I think it was one of your best articles. I would like to see a rematch
    Stay well

  4. Hi Diane .. hahaha thanks for this creative and fun video…. I was mesmerized!
    They are not only terrific athletes but they are adorable. Almost as entertaining as The Last Dance !

  5. And I was afraid this was all about the great pro sports we now have in LV. Or, will have… someday… Now, got to say your wrestlers were so much more entertaining! And to think you have ready access to their practice field! Popcorn, anyone?

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