Casinos Re-Open to Music & Fun?

The Wynn Las Vegas on opening day with lots of security.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Let Wednesday, Kelly Clinton was back at the Tuscany Suites & Casino Piazza Lounge to perform, and I was there.

I was allowed in the lounge, mask-less, after giving my name. No temperature check, just my name written on a log. I suppose if the Tuscany finds one of the audience members eventually tests positive, we will all get phone calls or texts or get-well cards or something.

The Wynn Las Vegas restroom made sure the hand-washers weren’t too close.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The lounge was dark and Kelly was singing behind a plastic shield. The lounge was less crowded than usual, but I saw friends there. One of Kelly’s three masked musicians was stationed on the dance floor (rather than on the stage) to preserve the distancing rules. Three of my favorite singers, Clint Holmes, Jimmy Hopper and Lannie Counts, were in the audience and were invited to sing (behind the plastic shield). None of the guys seemed the worse for shutdown wear, and I was thrilled seeing them. Kelly looked and sounded great. Though the show was to go on until 11:30 p.m., I made my exit by about 10 p.m. Why? I guess during the shutdown, I had gotten so used to activity, nap, activity, nap that I was due for a nap. Enjoyed the outing, though, and will return.

At the Tuscany, five machines, three chairs.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Thursday, of course, was the day the casinos opened. I decided, solo, to investigate. Wearing a mask, I started with the Wynn Las Vegas. I was greeted by a masked lady valet who actually knew my name and gave me a big “Welcome back!”. (A friend and I are Monday regulars.) Inside were a bunch of official mask-wearing guys in dark suits ready to give directions, answer questions, etc. They couldn’t answer my main question, however, so I had to walk the whole casino floor to get an answer. No, the play cash I had formerly gotten every week wouldn’t start until NEXT week. Great.

The casino was very quiet, and the machines had not been moved, just the chairs. You were asked to chose a machine based on whether it did or did not have a chair in front of it.

The Tuscany parking lot seemed as crowded as ever during my visits.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Next stop: The Tuscany casino where I knew my $35 in play cash would be available, and it was. A modest number of cars were in the parking lot, but lots of people were inside the casino, most wearing masks. Lots of noise and people, and the atmosphere was much more comfortable because of it. My “favorite” machine had disappeared, and a line of folks were waiting to get into the coffee shop. The previous night I had asked about the crowded parking lot and a security lady explained, “Well of course; the casino opens tomorrow!” Would I have booked a Vegas trip at this time? Probably not.

I played my $35 and ran it up to $80, but kept playing and lost some of my own money as well. Somehow, having kept the same amount of money in my wallet for two months, losing was a bit less fun than I remembered.

Also, without my gambling buddies nearby and while wearing an uncomfortable mask, the thrill wasn’t what I remembered either. Maybe with time, the excitement of Las Vegas will return, but for now, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give my gambling experiences a 4 — but we’ll see.


4 responses on “Casinos Re-Open to Music & Fun?

  1. So happy to know you are keeping Sin City still sinning. Wear your mask everywhere you go please! A two year old has more sense than that!

  2. Unsafe in a lot of casinos.

    Here’s my experiences the M resort gets an F June 4 evening elbow to elbow at craps table no partisans at the blackjack tables no one cleaning slot machine after someone leaves them no temperature taking no security at front about 10% wearing masks.

    Next stop was Santa Fe station they get a C- security at front took temperatures no many masks and allowing people to smoke has to stop, us who wear masks have smoke trapped in are masks making it very hard to breathe. The worst part of the night was the cafe social distancing, tables to close to many people in the space also when your eating you have 50 people with no masks on VERY UNSAFE WILL NOT GO AGAIN VIRUS DID NOT DISAPPEAR.

    Next night went to Suncoast they get a A felt very safe people cleaning machines temperature taken happy security officer and attendant bingo room was set up comfortably was very happy.

    Last casino visited Saturday after was Southpoint would give them a D no social distancing not cleaning anything i could see walked around it was a joke could not play my favorite machines scary.

    My conclusion not worth going to casinos til they get it together to make us all very safe. I observed no concern for covid-19 virus it did not disappear when everyone open there doors and when you started flying people from other states that have way more cases going on. Gaming commission made it sound like there protection procedures that casinos had to follow to make it safe. You guys need to go and do your inspections. I am a resident of Clark county was in the casinos at 5 days a week before all this happen I feel now need to stay away for at least six months. Plus if you want us to spend are money machines need to be a little more generous or you my might as well have a donation cup at front door because you lost so much money due to shut down. Hope you guys can prevent you employees from dying from this virus.

  3. Glad you got out. My neighbor and I had dinner Friday night at sunset station cafe. It wasn’t crowded but service was slow. You entered one door and had temperature taken. I lost $20 before dinner and left right after eating. I had same feeling as you on gambling

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