Raisin Bran Revelations and Other Stuff

The author’s new favorite cereal.
Photo by Diane Taylor

A week ago I was at Sam’s Club and happened to walk down an aisle that featured Raisin Bran Crunch cereal. I have always liked raisin bran, but generally prefer eggs to cereal in the morning. However, the Crunch addition was new to me, and I was curious. The box says that “crunchy oat clusters” are part of this cereal. The next day I tried my new purchase and immediately loved it — really loved it. This was the kind of cereal that could substitute for a whole meal! So I asked Google just when this “new” cereal came on the market?

To my surprise and embarrassment, Kellogg’s Raisin Branch Crunch has been around since 1999! I, too, remember 1999, but obviously I wasn’t in the cereal aisle often. Sadly, this cereal packs 180 calories in one cup of cereal and one cup is half of what my typical cereal bowl holds, so indeed the calories can make a whole meal.

While checking on raisin bran, I found that in addition to Kellogg’s, the folks at General Mills make Total Raisin Bran, and Post Cereals makes Post Raisin Bran, information I didn’t realize as well. And further, I found that I am REALLY behind the times. The very first raisin bran was Skinner’s Raisin Bran introduced in the United States in 1926 by the Skinner Manufacturing Company.

An so, I live and learn.

This is the crowd at the “new” Italian American Club supper club.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Last Wednesday, I went to another Las Vegas venue featuring live music. The Italian American Club has changed its showroom into a supper club with tables properly distanced. The food was fine, and the waitress friendly. The singer that night was Janien Valentine whom I knew because she sings with Frankie Scinta. Janien has been associated with many shows in Las Vegas, but I’d never seen her as a solo “chanteuse”; she was charming, and her singing was wonderful. Janien started singing at 6 p.m and the place was not full, but by 7 p.m she was a sellout. Apparently Janien has been one of the busiest Las Vegas entertainers, with appearances at The Vegas Room, the Italian American Club and as back-up at Bellagio’s Mayfair Supper Club.

One of my activities in recent days has been mailing copies of a book I wrote and published myself. A week or so ago, I received a mailing from the United States Post Office. Inside a see-through post office envelope was a torn piece of envelope containing my writing of my return address, a return address that I had written when mailing copies of my book. The book itself was nowhere to be found and I had no idea who didn’t receive a book I had sent. All the controversy about the post office has been in the news and I figured I, too, might have a beef. But lo and behold yesterday, I received a nice note from a former colleague at S&C Electric Company thanking me for the book and telling me that the post office had obviously mangled the original envelope and had repackaged the book in their envelope, with apologies. The book arrived unscathed. The post office can now look at me and ask, “OK, so where’s the beef?” No beef, sirs.

My mail from the United States Post Office.
Photo by Diane Taylor


And finally, last week I had a young man from the company that installed my air conditioners last year, come out to change the air conditioner filters in my attic. The Las Vegas temperature, as you know, hovers these days at 110 degrees plus, but this young man retrieved my big ladder from the garage, climbed the ladder carrying the filters and worked for a half hour or so in the attic. When he was done, he was soaking wet. He came down and put the ladder back in the garage. Then I heard him yell, “Oh darn” (or something like it), “I left my phone up in the attic!” So he went back to the garage, retrieved the ladder and up he climbed. Seems as if he had to walk the whole length of the hot hot attic to retrieve the phone. He was even more drenched when he came down and dutifully replaced the ladder again.

Why do I tell this story? Because those of us who are mature folks sometimes wonder if we are on our way to the rest home when we do silly things or leave items in places where they should not be. This YOUNG man did the same thing and somehow, that made me feel a bit triumphant!


4 responses on “Raisin Bran Revelations and Other Stuff

  1. I love raisin bran but it’s one of those cereals that I eat when I order room service breakfast in a hotel. Oh, the calories. Tell me, what’s the difference between “raisin” and “raison”? I don’t think they’re interchangeable. LOL
    I ‘ve seen several clips of Janine lately. It’s about time to go see her again!
    Triumph! I feel it! Now, where did I leave my keys?

  2. Well, originally I guess I spelled it both ways, but now (I hope) the “o’s” are gone. Thanks for the editing…

  3. So glad you found a cereal you will eat and enjoy. Many, even today, are filled with sugar and artificial ingredients; some with good things that are not good for me. I remember cereal with a sugar coating that looked like new fallen snow…then the companies figured out how to hide it IN the cereal… with a terrific “mascot” telling you how much you’ll love it. Seems the bounciness of said mascot usually was indicative of the bounciness of your child a few minutes after eating it! lol
    On the second issue, I miss the live performances out there and can try to imagine the on-stage scene. I’ll get out there again and get my fill.
    Thirdly, glad you got the air filters changed. Up by the fires, my son had to buy Hepa-Filter self-standing units to help with the ash and bad air. Clean air is important. And, TY for the terrific book!

  4. One of your readers is now back home and in action and reading your column and enjoying every minute of it

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