Am I Plugged In? Absolutely.

Whoever thought we’d be spending a good deal of time in our later years plugging in.

Growing up, I knew about plugging in a toaster, a radio, a record player and later a TV, but once they were plugged it…well, they stayed plugged in.

Life with cords.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Today? Yep we plug in the toaster, TV, radio, washer, dryer, microwave and iMac, but in the era of rechargeable batteries, we have to regularly plug in a cell phone, an e-reader, ear buds, a make-up sprayer, a vacuum cleaner, an iPad, an iWatch, batteries for door bells, security devices, cameras, toothbrushes, and GPS systems as well as battery back up devices to use in case we forget to plug in the other stuff. And maybe soon, we’ll all, nightly, be plugging in a car!

I currently have two places, in addition to my computer, where I can plug in things that require regular juicing. I also have two devices that will charge things when I’m on the go. One of the on-the-go items will also charge a dead car battery and put air in my tires. Neat, huh?.

During the coronavirus shutdown, my iPad has been a constant companion when watching TV, and it seemed to me just when I needed it most (to see a great old video from the Tonight Show while letting not-so-great Shark Tank inventions being discussed on TV), I’d be given that “your battery level is in the red zone” message. Oh s……Then I would have to actually get up, plug the darn thing in and wait for Buddy Hackett’s punch line until morning.

When QVC offered a extra-long long charging cord that could run from a wall socket to my iPad (keeping me constantly charged), I bought one. It works, but now I have another heavy long cord that I must hide behind the dog cage. Company comes and I have to remove the cage and the cord so I look as if I lead a pristine life. (My home when company comes is my personal example of let’s pretend.)

Thank goodness it’s hard to travel these days. Bundling up cords is something I’m not really good at, and dare I take that new long cord with me? I’m now so addicted to electronics, my first call in a different city was to the front desk to get the code so I could log on to the Internet. Whew! I was back on track. At the end of the trip remembering to re-pack the cords became more important than anything else. What if….I forget the thing that charges my toothbrush? Are you kidding? A manual toothbrush?

For good measure, I have a drawer full of old cords. Some are labeled. Some not. Why can’t I throw out the old cords? Don’t know. Tossing cords seems like some kind of felony…and the collection keeps growing.

Sometimes batteries just run out of juice on their own. I don’t use my cell phone much, but it seems to lose power constantly. Fortunately, I do most of my computer work in my office and I have a land line, so I’m not cell phone addicted. But I pity the folks whose lives are totally lived on their phones. Forget sex. On even the most romantic nights, the routine surely begins by finding the cords and plugging in a phone or phones.

I kind of like the new cars that have the built in phone systems. I’m old enough to think that’s somewhat of a miracle. But I’m also old enough to remember dinner conversations without a friend giving a furtive glance down at their lap where a phone is hiding. I’m not supposed to notice, but I do. Am I not interesting enough as a dinner companion? (Don’t answer that.)

My garage door is fixed, incidentally. And I’m free to give blood again Saturday. With luck, I’m also getting better and better at being fully charged all the time. Life is good.


3 responses on “Am I Plugged In? Absolutely.

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one! My husband and I joked about the reality of “let’s pretend.” Ask any family member, they think I’m a clean-house nut which I’m not. As for the plug-in domination of our lives, guess it’s going to go on forever…or at least until there is bluetooth charging (if it isn’t already here.) I would imagine one might be able tell Alexa to remember to charge everything, or she’ll tell us she has so we can sleep peacefully. Maybe charging will be the job of our robot helpers?! They’re next up!

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