Lean On, Brother

The other morning I was getting dressed and as usual these days I sidled over to my bureau so I could lean on it while getting into the pants.

I’ve been noticing lately, that though I have long ago escaped the “lean” description personally, I am leaning on more and more things. I lean on the bureau mostly, but sometimes I lean on the wall of my closet or on my bathroom mirror. Leaning somehow steadies me and in particular, leaning means I am able to accomplish putting on long pants.

I see movies where young folks are running up and down stairs almost without looking. Me, I am looking for a handrail…and without one, trouble brews. I remember last season going to a Las Vegas Knights hockey game with a seat way up high in the stands and having to navigate stairs without rails. Fortunately a young man sitting on the aisle sensed my unsteadiness and offered a hand. I could have adopted him on the spot.

And what about scenes where a young person is late for school or a date and he’s hopping on one leg while putting the other leg into a pair of pants. Did I ever do that? Was I that limber and balanced once? If you forced me to hop into clothes these days, I would probably wear moo-moos forever.

The words to Bill Withers’ song, “Lean on me” lead one to believe it is about friendship. But looking at the words, I think about getting older and needing something to lean on. This is a hymn the bureau sings to me.

“Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on”

A young husband would do as well, but most of them are taken…or gay.

I noticed the President when he was released from the hospital last week and hoping to look strong and fearless. He drifted toward the railings on the steps he was navigating. He just tapped the hand rails, but he knew they were there…in case.

So young folks, if you are running up and down steps or are putting on pants while hopping around the room, enjoy it. If you are lucky enough to live a few more decades, you, too, will have some piece of furniture or some handrail singing the “lean on me” song, and you’ll be very grateful.


7 responses on “Lean On, Brother

  1. Hahaha so true ! Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head…..
    Lean on me
    When you’re not strong
    I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you
    Put your pants on
    I’m leaning often on all things!
    You are awesome!!!
    Clint loved this one as well!
    We are fans…..

  2. Great article and funny. I lean on me a lot and I think I have done everything you said

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