The Visitor….and Politics

November 11, 2020….
Dear Diary:

A new dog came to stay with me for a couple days. I couldn‘t tell whether she was a Democrat or Republican. She’s mostly Black which used to mean she was a Democrat, but more Black folks are voting Republican so maybe…..

Something tells me, because she’s shy, if she supported Trump, she wouldn’t have told anybody.

Her owner dropped off dog food with the dog and when given the opportunity for a meal, she sniffed the dog food left by her owner and walked away. But when I showed up with leftovers from a brunch, she jumped at the chance for a bit of frittata, sausage and potatoes. Licking her lips, her eyes talked to me: “You can keep that other stuff in the can; I vote for Brunch leftovers!”

The visitor
Photo by Diane Taylor

Hmmm… If she is so fond of something new, maybe Gracie (that’s her name) was really was a Biden supporter…

On the other hand, Gracie can get really excited at seeing a human returning from an absence. She makes lots of noise, dances around and jumps up on that human wanting to share good times. She would have loved Trump rallies.

But then, my visitor also sleeps soundly and often, and I’m told, that is a Biden characteristic.

However, when I told Gracie that Mr. Biden already had two big dogs, she looked skeptical. She definitely, like Donald Trump, wants to be THE center of attention, so now I think she sided with Trump.

One morning, my visitor left a small gift, but when I asked, “Did you do this?” she looked up and smiled as innocent as could be. She learned about not always telling the truth from the cable channels.

Gracie has followed me around a lot. When I took a shower earlier today, guess who was staring at me – in my altogether – through the shower door? Gracie. I think she might have been thinking there was all together too much altogether in that shower. She was thinking like lean Joe Biden.

The guest dog will be leaving tomorrow. She will re-unite with the people who adopted her full time. They won’t care how she might have voted and she won’t care how they voted.

For smart people and dogs, love wins in the end.


7 responses on “The Visitor….and Politics

  1. Adorable and amusing — the dog and you, in that order. I’ve always admired your talent for finding interesting slants on everyday occurrences. Keep it up!

  2. Such a clever story. So happy Gracie had a nice visit. Maybe we should look at politics through the eyes of a dog.

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