The Tale of the Forgotten Chihuahua

This is the chihuahua Piccolo. Locked in a room, he would just quietly wait.

I told my friend Darla I wouldn’t write this story, but I changed my mind. The end of 2020 seemed the perfect time to post this tale.

I have three dogs. One of them, a beagle, has an unlimited appetite and a great nose for food. I feed the dogs a big meal once a day, around Noon. The beagle gets his food in a dog dish on a food mat out in the open. Kelly gets her dish inside a dog crate and Piccolo gets his dish inside a small room with a closed door, a TV and a lounge chair (for the pooped lady of the house). Everyone gets fed, and the beagle only gets leftovers…if there are any.

A week ago, the routine was the same except that I left Piccolo alone in his dining room to finish his meal while I heated up something for MY lunch. Then I forgot about Piccolo. Piccolo isn’t like the beagle who would scratch and cry if a door has been closed on him. Piccolo just quietly laid down and waited…and waited….

So Piccolo was alone is his dining room. I went out. I came home. I went out again and then about 10 o’clock that night when I came home and counted dogs, the number I got was “two” not “three”. Where is Piccolo? “Oh my God, did I leave him locked in the room…all day?” I did.

And wait….for someone to come to her senses.

I opened Piccolo’s dining room door and gave a quick look at the rug. No accidents. Wow. Piccolo and I made a quick trip outdoors, and Piccolo immediately got friendly with a nearby bush. The evening then proceeded rather calmly. A bit of TV, then bedtime. The next morning, after coffee, I headed for the bathroom that was attached to Piccolo’s lunchtime dining room.

I got to the bathroom and oh my God…there is dog poop on the floor and on my shoe and now all over the bathroom floor. Piccolo had not been able to hold it for half a day after all. I hadn’t seen it and stepped in it big time. I immediately took off one shoe and attempted to wash it off. No deal. I hopped into the kitchen to rescue a roll of paper towels and hopped back to the bathroom. With the towels and a bit of water, I started the clean-up. And it was a mess…so much so that I knew I’d have to empty the kitchen garbage bag when everything was over. The clean-up took time, lots of towels, a mop and plenty of hand washing. Yes I also emptied the garbage bag, and learned a big lesson (I hope).

Now comes the end of the year. Some say 2020 was a sh…ty year. After last week’s experience, I would have to agree. But then again.. my late husband Paul was probably laughing all over heaven. He never would have forgotten little Piccolo, and watching me struggle with the clean-up was his sweet revenge.

I’m happy to say, however, that Piccolo seems to be none-the-worse- for-wear for this adventure and doesn’t seem to hold a grudge. He has been snuggling as if nothing bad had happened.

Don’t you just love dogs?

Piccolo is getting extra treats for New Years.


4 responses on “The Tale of the Forgotten Chihuahua

  1. Poor Piccolo is right! But, he gets credit for knowing the bathroom was the correct place to leave his poop! Even if he isn’t aware of toilet etiquette… We once had a very intelligent mutt who got sick in the middle of the night, but he too had figured out that the bathroom was the correct location for such business. Ain’t dogs great? Wonder how many of your readers have taught their cats to actually use the toilet, or is that perhaps an urban legend?

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