Sniff, Sniff…Nothing!

This fragrance candle helped prove a point.

It’s been awhile since I have been described as a spring chicken. “Old Hen” comes to mind, but folks have been kind enough not to call me that, either.

I find, however, that while age has its privileges such as being able to gain access to vaccine shots, age also has some downsides. Here’s the story:

Because I live with three dogs, I’m not sure if the environment in my home is affected by smells I’m not always aware of. Therefore, being a QVC shopper, I have in recent years tended to purchase fragrance candles that I light whenever company was expected. The candles give the whole house pleasing smells.

Because, during the pandemic, company has been in very short supply, my candles have been resting in a drawer. About two months ago, expecting the men from the plumbing company to come for their yearly inspection, I got out a candle, lit all four wicks and waited. I smelled nothing. Wow, I must have had that candle around a long time. A couple weeks later, the bug man was due so I lit another of my stored candles. Again, nothing.

I was mad. I don’t remember QVC warning buyers that candles must be burned relatively quickly upon receipt. I was so mad (the candles are expensive, about $20 each) that I called QVC customer service and complained. The lady on the phone said she had never heard a complaint like mine and would refer my comment up the line. I continued on the phone, though was not specific as to when I had ordered the offending candles. We found one order online and the frustrated customer service lady first asked me to return the candles then relented and agreed to give me a small credit. I accepted the credit gratefully. Well, at least that phone call did some good.

I smell beautiful!

A couple weeks pass. I am in my lounge chair watching TV. Normally, my little dog Piccolo jumps into my lap, but this day, little Kelly jumped in. Now Kelly, unlike the other two dogs, has always had a distinctive, not altogether pleasing smell. I noticed that day …. no smell. Could the weather change have changed her smell? Or could…..oh no, could it be me that I have lost my sense of smell?

The next day, I went to the QVC web site and ordered two more candles. They arrived a week ago and I lit one immediately. No smell. Later a friend came to visit and I asked if he could smell the candle “Sure,” he said.

When that friend left, I consulted Google. Yes, older people do lose their sense of smell. Starting at the age I will be next year, some 30 percent of seniors lose their sense of smell. Really? 30 percent. I am in an elite group!

A neighborhood lady who is very fit and energetic heard my story and noted she, too, had lost her sense of smell. A soup left on its burner too long and smoking alerted her family members to a potential danger. A visiting daughter told my friend she could smell the smoke even outside the house. My friend smelled nothing.

Other people have reminded me that Covid can affect taste and smell and I’m pretty sure I did not get Covid. Thankfully, so far, my taste buds are still OK. Chocolate is still wonderful, and a good steak is a good steak.

Another friend had this to offer, “That’s why so many old ladies wear too much perfume”. Oops. I “may” have been spraying a couple extra sprays of perfume lately…..and now I must watch myself.

As for other smells, I am not totally smell-less. An indoor accident by one of the dogs was recently scooped up by me. Though I didn’t smell it from my height, I did see it and brought the offending log up close to my nose and I could definitely smell it.

I never would have thought that smelling a dog’s accidental deposit would be a good day. But for this old hen it was.


5 responses on “Sniff, Sniff…Nothing!

  1. I’m glad you did all this research for me, but, I sure hope it doesn’t happen to me! After smelling the dog’s bundle, have you been able to smell anything else?

  2. Worse yet is a smell event in the refrigerator. You open the door one fine day and smell something a bit “off” but can’t identify the culprit or the precise location. Advise you just go out and purchase the small box of baking soda, open it and place it in the fridge, hoping that resolves the olfactory crisis. Haven’t tried inserting a lighted candle in there…

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