Hey Mom, I Had a Date!

The writer in an older photo.

The call to Mom wouldn’t be a big thing if I were 16, but I am near 80 and being asked on a date IS a big thing.

Accepting is a big thing, too. Widowhood hasn’t been bad. For the past five years, my gal friends and I have enjoyed Las Vegas entertainment, gambled, played home poker, dined out, read books…not bad at all.

But a date? A gentleman who wanted to spend time with…me? What do I wear? Who pays in this feminist world? (He paid)

So the date was fine and comfortable. Not only that, the gentleman asked me out again … and again. I helped him celebrate HIS 80th birthday, something I never imagined I’d do…on a date.

I am also amazed that this gentleman can drive (well) at night, likes to dance (at a couple of Western bar/restaurants; he’s an expert line dancer), has a full head of hair, is slightly taller than me, has a big family…and tells me I am some sort of wonderful.

OK, so he’s a bullshitter. But I must tell you at this time in my life, a little bullshit goes a long way.

And then there’s the hand-holding. Two old wrinkled hands, and yet they feel good together. Turn down the lights and the wrinkles go away.

My teeth are real, with veneers. His teeth aren’t real and are being updated, not something that comes up for discussion among dating 20-year-olds.

He texts, so I now text.

Service people seeing two old folks coming toward them call us Mr. and Mrs. or ask about “the missus” and we don’t correct them. It’s our secret. Yes 80-year-old singles do get together!

As to out-of-town trips? A daughter worries about him if he isn’t home every night. So he must pre-report. I only have to worry about tickets purchased and my dogs. If we do go away for a while, should we stay in separate rooms? Maybe and maybe not. What 80-year-olds do is nobody’s business … and it might turn their stomachs anyway.

Can my date fix things? YES! And he insists on doing the job right. My dryer door, my osmosis spigot and the guest toilet are all working better than ever because my date loves challenges. I’m trying to come up with a few other projects to keep him interested…if not in me, then at least in the projects.

Is it interesting having a date at 80? Absolutely…hearing the stories of someone else’s 80 years takes up lots of time and makes one. laugh, cry, be amazed and be grateful.

Driving trips through the nearby Nevada/Arizona desert have also been awe-inspiring…and sent me wishing both of us had more years to go so we could see and do more. But for now….

Mom..I had a date and there’s a smile on my face.


14 responses on “Hey Mom, I Had a Date!

  1. Diane, I’m so happy for you and your new companion. I wish more older folks realized that there are plenty of lonely people out there who would really enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy!

  2. An absolutely lovely post. Wonderful to read of your new adventures! ❤️

  3. So happy for you. I can remember my 1st date after 37+ years – very nervous. Then the first out of towner – even more nervous. Can’t wait to meet this fella. He sounds special.

  4. Diane, I am so happy for you. Although your life was never boring, it’s great to see you are having fun again with someone new. And it sounds like he is treating you good. Enjoy as much as you can!!!! I can’t wait to meet this new guy in your life.

  5. Dad would like him if he can dance and fix things. I can at least dance and only occasionally fix things. You left out he does not gamble but we both know how that helps you know who.

  6. Soooo happy for you, Di!!! Will live vicariously through you.Having someone to grow old with is the best that can happen to anyone and am so glad it is happening for you.

  7. Great! More power to you! 80 is the new 60!! Can hardly wait to meet him perhaps some time later this year!

  8. Diane, am so happy for you and your date! Life is an adventure no matter what age. Enjoy it all!

  9. Live, love, and laugh, now you have all three at the same time. Enjoy the happy times. It must be more rewarding than our gambling has been.

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