A Week of Running and Watching

Last week, few smiles.

Last week, this reporter was for several days down for the count. On Monday night after a night of live music, I came home happy, went to bed and then at 2 a.m woke up with an obvious need to use the restroom. That need returned again and again. Yep, I had what we used to call the “runs”. (Note the word is plural.). Don’t know where the problem came from, but it had me in its clutches for hours. I remembered that I once had pills for such a problem, but I was either too busy or too weak to make more than a cursory look for the pills. Finally after about 12 hours of making the local lavatories feel important, I gathered up the strength tp take all the medicines out of an overcrowded medicine cabinet and from the back row, I found Imodium. Hadn’t used it for years, but thank God, I still had it. I barely could see the directions, but using a light and a magnifying glass, I found that initially I could take two pills and was warned that I might be dehydrated as well. The two pills worked (after a while), and I struggled down a couple glasses of water.

The thing that surprised me about all this was just how out of energy and tired I was for days…so much so that I spent almost two days in bed. As a world-class eater with virtually no food allergies, I wasn’t hungry either. Offer me a chocolate sundae and I would have waved it away..that’s how dire the situation was. A couple days later the good news was…I had lost five pounds.

So what does one do during an adult siege of this kind? Just like when I was down for the count following gall bladder removal, I turned on Turner Classic Movies and just let it run, movie after movie nap after nap. When I could gather my wits I might switch to a shopping channel. Did you know that a current short skirt was “on trend” but not “trendy”? True.

Thursday night, feeling a bit more adventurous, I flipped channels until I found a Jennifer Anniston movie on VH-1. I swear, after every two sentences of dialogue came a commercial. Made me love TCM even more.

And yet I was always tired. I must have gotten four days sleep in two days.

Wednesday morning I typically have breakfast with Chicago friends and because the condition had been quiet for many hours by then, I dragged myself to the shower, got dressed and made it to breakfast. My friends there said more than once, “You don’t look good.” But I had makeup on and everything!

Home after breakfast, I was back taking it very easy…very. The next day I had a scheduled hair appointment and no self-respecting female misses those, so I got myself together again. My hairdresser heard my whole story and noted that “stomach flu is going around.” Maybe…

Home again I called a couple friends, one of whom mentioned the need to replenish electrolytes. So when another friend offered to come over I asked if the friend could pick up some Gatorade. The Gatorade arrived, but I found it was hard to drink. When I finally finished the 20-oz bottle, I looked at the label — 140 calories! I remember Gatorade from the 1960s and wasn’t it calorie free? When I looked up Gatorade on Wikipedia, I realized I had missed a whole world of Gatorade history.

What did my adult case of stomach problems teach me? Three things: (1) to put the Imodium pills front and center in the medicine cabinet if needed; (2) to be grateful, at my age, that my hips and knees are in good enough shape that I can make runs to washrooms when needed and (3) I (and my friend who picked up the Gatorade) need to be more current on liquids featuring electrolytes.

Anybody want six bottles of 140-calorie Gatorade?


7 responses on “A Week of Running and Watching

  1. You should have called me, I have sugar-free Gatorade. Glad you’re on the mend.

  2. Sounds exactly like something that happened to Ron & I several years ago after eating at the Mirage buffet! It was food poisoning! It was before we moved here and we were staying at the Flamingo. I think the maid thought we were eating the toilet paper! We were in and out of the bathroom till there was nothing left in our stomachs to come out and slept for the remaining 4 days we were here. Rough going home on the plane but we made it. An experience I don’t wish on anyone. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  3. There is drink called pedialyte (? Spelling) created for rehydrating youngsters after bouts of the runs. Its in most grocery stores. I never checked the calorie count, but froze it like a popsicle to encourage the kids to eat it.. Glad you are on the mend.

  4. I used to call it Diploma as a kid. Maybe you ate dog food potato chips by accident. Regardless, only you could make a blog out of this experience.

  5. It’s a humbling experience, no doubt. And my doctor recommended Pedialyte – there’s an adult version – rather than Gatorade. Glad you’re feeling better.

  6. Oh, I had that some time ago and lost 14 pounds in a week (gained it all back the minute I drank a glass of water) and was never sicker. I feel so bad for you. Can’t say having a partner helped in any way, you are lucky you have good friends. Stay well and I just threw out the gatorade I had accumulated.

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