Hot, Hot, Hot….in Las Vegas

How high will it go today?
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It’s been a hot week in Las Vegas. I put two eggs in a fry pan out in the sun. I then went out and when I came back a couple hours later, the white of the eggs had all but disappeared and some yellow sticky stuff remained; the Yolk looked good, but upon examination had disintegrated inside.

Yes, midst news of a virus, a building collapse in Florida and rising crime rates, the real topic of discussion in Las Vegas (and elsewhere) has been the heat. Sit for a long time and your pants and shirt start sticking to you…even indoors.

The bad news for folks with wire-rimmed glasses is that in the record-setting hot sun, the wires get white hot and when glasses slide down your nose, your burning fingers make you reluctant to move the glasses back into place.

Metal cars are hot…so don’t touch them….though you could fry your egg on the hood. Dog owners who leave dogs in hot cars are arrested. Homeless folks are invited inside…temporatily. Wind and heat combined can cause destructive home issues as well.

Who’s the strange lady in the next yard? It’s a friend who moved in temporarily because her air conditioning doesn’t work.

Need, during the heat, to pick up doggie droppings in the yard? Be prepared to work fast. The heat changes the color of droppings making them more difficult to see, and bending and picking up in the heat can cause a bit of off-balance-itis.

We survive lots of heat in Las Vegas. One hundred degrees feels like 80. But when the temperature gets to record-setting 117 up to (in Death Valley) 130 degrees F, we feel it. How landscapers and roof workers can perform in this heat is amazing. My hairdresser’s boyfriend is a heating and air conditioning guy. She says he’s one exhausted employee after spending 10-hour days in customers’ attics.

Does your car lose air conditioning? If so, an emergency visit to a mechanic tops all other uses of your time.

The good news? Everybody visiting Las Vegas (and the crowds have come back) seems to be wearing shorts. The better the legs, the shorter the shorts. For men who love women…the views are amazing. For women, the men in tank tops are lovely as are “some” legs. The three men on our HOA board arrived at the most recent meeting in shorts, claiming the heat made them do it.

For folks who like a hot cup of coffee at night to end a meal, they may re-think their order. Couple the hot coffee with the heat and the results are almost unbearable. Water with ice, please.

And of course, Las Vegas likes to use the word “hot” though these days not in the literal sense. “Hottest show in town” generally means something other than perspiration due to high heat. I suppose last week the girls who work in gentlemen’s clubs were fine with no clothes at all.

Cars parked in the sun get blazing hot. Cover those steering wheels or you are in stuck in the lot for at least five minutes with the air conditioning on waiting to cool down the steering wheel.

Can you imagine the pressure on the maintenance crew responsible for air conditioning during the recent Garth Brooks concert — a sold out crowd of 68,000 people at Allegiant Stadium? Praying for the health of the air conditioning system would not have been out of order.

And then there’s the guy or girl who calls her significant other “hot” as in handsome or gorgeous or sexy. Except for soaring temperatures, having a hot time in Las Vegas with a “hot” girlfriend or boyfriend …. even in a cooling hotel pool….can actually be a memorable “hot” time.

Want to travel to Las Vegas in July? It may not be a cool idea….


4 responses on “Hot, Hot, Hot….in Las Vegas

  1. Thank you, Diane! I do worry for all the folks in the Silver State and surrounding states that are experiencing heat and drought…. Hopefully the water issue is eased soon and Mother Nature blesses all with much needed rain and milder temperatures.

  2. As a resident of Las Vegas, I loved this article. So funny and true.

    We still want people to visit Vegas. They are just like us that live here…they go from car to casino. A/C to A/C. No problem.

  3. I really enjoy the hot, dry heat….for about 20 seconds! Just enough time to get a little Vit. D and start or add-to my tan. Glad you and the dogs have a comfortable place to wait out the extreme heat. And, hopefully, your favorite casinos keep their cool, too!

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