Observations from a Busy Week…

Destination: Bellagio Las Vegas
Photo by Diane Taylor

Earlier this past (busy) week, a friend and I drove to Pahrump, Nevada. Not much to say about the trip except for our restroom stop at Mountain Springs, Nevada. Mountain Springs is home to the Mountain Springs Saloon, including a gas station and a funny cartoon “sculpture” out front. However, the highlight for me was the ladies rest room. Every stall door had a large cartoon character painted on it, and across from the stalls were sayings above the sinks: “Hope everything came out all right,” “Every great journey begins with a trip to the bathroom” and “Please seat yourself.” One wall was covered in license plates which also made for a somewhat unusual visit. Love you, Mountain Springs.

As my friends know, I have become fond of new entertainment venues, the “Vegas Room” and the “Nevada Room”. Last Tuesday night, the large entertainment space called the “Ballroom” was open for drinks, dinner and dancing. Because I now have a dance partner, we decided to visit on Tuesday night.

The stalls in Mountain Springs.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The Patrick Hogan Trio provided the Ballroom music and they were great. On one slow number, seven couples were on the dance floor. I heard two of those couples say they’d be returning the next week. (The Hogan Trio will be back as well.) Music appears from 7 to 9 p.m, but the Ballroom times Tuesday are 6 to 10 p.m.

The view from Lago.
Photo by Diane Taylor

For some reason, as the pandemic has slowed down, I have gotten a number of emails offering me books to read in exchange for reviews. I now have seven books in my “to do” file, so get ready for more book reviews. Not only do books teach things to the reader, they keep one reader I know well at home and away from slot machines. A big win, yes?

A friend and I were invited to hear music last Friday at “Pass”. We figured the instructions meant the Railroad Pass casino so headed there. No music and no plans for music, but we were told another casino called “The Pass” was located on Water Street in Henderson. Never heard of it. But alas, that was the correct destination. Neither one of us had known that the former Eldorado Casino, the largest casino on Water Street, had closed during the pandemic and re-opened with new owners as “The Pass”. The music was lively and the food in the cafe was fine. We are now just a bit smarter.

Going into the “O” Theater one passes through the art of Richard MacDonald.
Photo by Diane Taylor

My friend Libby likes to bid on charity auction items that sometimes also benefit yours truly. Last Wednesday night, using an auction item from an NF Hope (Neurofibramatosis) fund-raising concert, Libby invited me to join her at the Bellagio Las Vegas for dinner at Lago and tickets (up close) to the show “O”. I had never been to Lago and was clearly excited to have a window seat where we could view the Bellagio fountain shows. Our salads were great as were our desserts. Main dishes (except for skinny scallops) were fine as well. Total bill would have been $175.

Libby told me the O show was sold out Wednesday night, and a big crowd was there including the balconies. The show was fine, but we both noted we missed the Le Reve show at the Wynn Las Vegas which closed during the pandemic and has no plans to re-open. We were pleased to see the most dramatic of the athletics performed by women.

The “O” cast taking a final bow.
Photo by Diane Taylorr

After the show I wandered over to the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Funny, but I had never visited the gardens at night and had no idea the lights would be turned down low and specific displays would be lighted to look spectacular at night. Loved the night view.

FYI, my self-parking bill for the night was $18.

My Ring doorbell went on the fritz last week even with the addition of a charged battery. On Friday I determined to fix the situation and called Ring about five times. I had to hang up so often because I forgot a password or didn’t have information (the number on the back of the screwed-to-the-door phone) they needed. I must say, talking to a live person each time was quick and easy and after I discovered a couple of my own errors, we were able to get the doorbell to ring. I don’t get many visitors, but packages arrive and by golly, a doorbell is critical!

A still picture doesn’t do justice to the childhood energy on display at FLIPnOUT Xtreme. Lots of places for jumping, tumbling, dining and playing video games.
Photo by Diane Taylor

This next week I’ll probably spend a good deal of time with the Olympics. I have a small extra interest this year. My late husband’s brother’s wife’s daughter, Corinne, a weight-lifter and now a judge of weight-lifters, was selected to be a judge at the Olympics. I last saw Corinne when she was judging a contest in Las Vegas. Corinne is thrilled to go to the Olympics and I am proud to know her.

And finally, I spent a lovely time last week at FLIPnOUT Xtreme in Henderson, NV. My friend took a bunch of great-grandkids for a morning’s exercise at the large trampoline park. Wow, the kids’ energy was on display for two hours, bouncing up and down, shooting basketballs, climbing ladders, walking a tightrope and playing video games. So much fun for kids and for the adults who watched!

Whew! Ringing. off now…..


4 responses on “Observations from a Busy Week…

  1. Glad everything is opening up again! Also happy you have someone who likes to travel and do the things you enjoy doing. Always great info on Las Vegas!

  2. I’m exhausted just reading about your adventures! Glad to be a part of them!

  3. Once again, another entrancing summary of interesting things to do and see in Vegas. Wish I were there…

  4. Sorry to hear about the door bell. I do remember installing it, seems like yesterday.

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