Oh Hell, We’re Going…and We Loved It!

The lights in Times Square greeted crowds that were only half the size remembered from past years, but the people were there nonetheless….albeit with masks.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The day before my gentleman friend and I left for a week in New York City, four friends called. Each one asked if we were “really” going to New York City. “The media is full of stories about crime in New York, Covid restrictions, airline cancellations, Broadway shows closing….why go now?” they asked.

Well, the reason to go was that we had reservations and the two of us were looking forward to spending a week together…simple as that. I made sure my lucky pine cone was in my purse, so what’s to worry?

Well, I maybe should have worn my pine cone around my neck because the day before we left, early in the morning, I was walking around my pool to make sure my three dogs had been outside before taking them to the vet for their week’s vacation…from me. The weather was cold that morning, so I dressed in my bulky warm coat. As I turned on the walkway at the far end of the pool, I quite suddenly slipped and fell backwards into the pool, a complete and sudden surprise. (Apparently the early morning watering of plants around the pool had left invisible water on the walkway.) Fortunately, I did not hit my head on the side of the pool. In fact, my head did not go underwater at all and my thick winter coat while taking on water still kept me somewhat warm as I grabbed the side of the pool and dragged myself to the steps in the shallow end of the pool. After exiting the pool and getting rid of my soaking coat and other clothes and drying off, I called the gentleman friend to tell him of my adventure. His first question was “Is there a video?”

I had to laugh. No video, but I could imagine the scene. The dogs made it to the vet, and we made it to the airport. Later, three lady friends with pools admitted they, too, at one time or another, had fallen into their pools!

Our flight was smooth. We each watched three movies and were there in New York. A long trek to the cab stand finally gave us the ground transportation we needed (a $65 flat rate into the city). Many fewer cars than we expected were on the road.

We were staying in a timeshare at 56th and Broadway. We noted a security officer in the lobby, but aside from his asking to see our vaccine paperwork, he was very friendly, telling us to “Have a good day” every day of our visit.

Monday afternoon, we walked to a number of Broadway theaters and bought tickets for the week. Five shows in seven days…fine. In the end, we saw three shows and one live holiday show. Two of the shows where we bought tickets at the box offices on Monday, had closed by Wednesday and Thursday…and we found out about the closings when we arrived at the theaters. We were issued instant refunds and told by very nice people how sorry they were.

So we filled in the time with treks around New York, books, shopping trips for food that could be consumed in the room, walks to New York landmarks and simply enjoyment to be away from home….and in a city filled with bright lights and holiday decor.

Streets are blocked off by NYPD on the way to Rockefeller Center and the ice rink. People crowd around the rick to get a view and photos.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Our week was not much different than others trips except to note that yes, vaccine certificates and IDs were requested before entering theaters and restaurants, but the viewing was brief and no problem. Once inside the theaters, someone always held a big sign “Masks up” and announcements were made that masks much cover nose and mouth. Once the lights went down, well….

We noted plenty of places where free vaccine tests were available and long lines at each. No wonder New York has so many positive tests. Everybody is getting tested.

We did not notice the Times Square/Broadway area was dirty or inhabited by scores of homeless folks. I think I saw only two homeless persons during our walks. NYPD signs and cars were everywhere making us feel quite safe. If all the stories about New York City, its crime, lack of police protection, etc. are true, they were not true in the Broadway/Times Square area the week before Christmas.

Oh yes, on day one of the trip, a small bottle of water in my purse spilled in my purse, and my camera did not work the entire trip. I had to call on my iPhone for pictures and was surprised what a nice job it did. Below are some of my other New York City photos:

Walking in Central Park in December does not mean seeing lots of leaves on trees, but the park is fun and was close by.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The lady in this photo was a visitor from Spain and the Central Park squirrel knows tourists. The squirrel came right up to the lady for a bite of breakfast.
Photo by Diane Taylor
This was the view from the 18th floor Manhattan Club timeshare.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The rebuilt and redecorated tree at Fox Corporation stood proudly after earlier being destroyed by fire.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The familiar bleachers in Times Square were empty in the age of Covid.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Another animal story. We spied this man feeding pigeons from his car while on our way to the 9/11 site.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Birdland is a nightclub just off Broadway. This is the scene before the crowd arrived for the 12th year of its delightful week-before-Christmas holiday show.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Times Square was “loaded” with evidence that NYD was close at hand.
Photo by Diane Taylor
This is Kadir, our driver for a carriage ride through Central Park. Kadir is from Turkey. His horse was named Dennis. Kadir works for the company that owns the carriage and the medallion that allows carriages in the park.
Photo by Diane Taylor
We visited the site of the 9/11 buildings, but the museum was closed. Had the museum been open, this was how the folks wanting to visit the museum would have stood in line.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Sign in our taxi. I guess we didn’t totally escape the idea of crime in New York.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Of course, we walked to see the big tree in Rockefeller Center. Happy 2022 everyone!
Photo by Diane Taylor


8 responses on “Oh Hell, We’re Going…and We Loved It!

  1. Glad you both had a good time and celebrated the holidays in the big apple and were able to get refunds on shows. Pictures were great

  2. Happy New Year! Thank you for the picture tour of NY! The iPhone scenes were very clear and their content was great, too! Glad slip into the pool didn’t knock you out! Take care and keep enjoying your trips and friends!

  3. What beautiful pictures that IPhone takes! It looks like NYC was A-Okay! Glad you had a great time.

  4. Love your friends sense of humor asking for video of your fall. . Sounds like you had a wonderful trip for the holiday and the pictures are beautiful. So glad you have found happiness once again. He sounds like a keeper. We will have to meet him one of these days. HaPpY New Year.

  5. Loved your account and photos of the trip to the Big Apple. So glad you both enjoyed it! I for one haven’t yet “slipped” into my pool but makes me want to consider refitting it with rubber bumpers…

    DT: search “much” where it should be “must” (damned spell-check!) and “NYD” caption s/b “NYPD”???

  6. That’s DT for sure – always on the go and never backing away from a challenge, wet or dry! So glad to learn that you’re doing well and enjoying life – I am too! Hugs – EK2

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