A Picnic in the Wind–& An Adventure

Looking from our picnic table into the Davis Camp RV parking area.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Last Monday, my gentleman friend and I went on a picnic to Davis Camp in the Mohave County Park in Bullhead City, Arizona. The park is across the river from Laughlin, Nevada and the drive down was supposed to take about 90 minutes.

We determined to make the trip even though the wind was high and dust storms were everywhere. Emergency alerts were a regular happening on my watch. We buckled in and took off.

About 30 minutes out of Las Vegas on US Highway 95 we ran into a huge traffic tie-up. We were stopped cold. Suddenly several ambulances sped by, then a couple of fire trucks. Up ahead, we later found out, was an 11-car accident that resulted in several people being taken to the hospital. The pile-up was so bad that ultimately the highway was closed. We were rerouted to the opposite lanes of the highway heading back to Las Vegas.

The Davis Park picnic tables are right along the Colorado River. The covering would protect picnickers from rain, but not from wind.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Determined to have our picnic, we then took an alternate route (US Highway 93) via Kingman, Arizona to Bullhead City, Arizona. We arrived three hours from our start time instead of 90 minutes. We paid $10 and entered the beautiful Davis Camp, situated right along the Colorado River. Our picnic spot, with barbecue pit, was lovely. The weather was warm, but still so windy we had to nail down everything loose, particularly the napkins and paper plates.

The gentleman cooked and we were able to enjoy great hamburgers. He also cooked smoked kielbasa and even a chicken breast. The extra cooked meats were taken back home. Dessert was roasted marshmallows. Perfect.

Our companions were pigeons which the gentleman periodically waved away. Ducks were swimming in the river near us as well. We finally packed up and headed home. We resolved to return to Davis Camp, one of the nicest campgrounds we had seen. (The camp also has room for watercraft launching, rental of vacation homes, RV parking, etc.). The restroom I used on the upper level was clean and well-stocked. However, once camped by the water, a long stairway must be maneuvered too get to the restroom.

One of the picnickers enjoying dessert…on a windy day.
Photo by Jack Adkins

We were driving home along US Highway 95 when we suddenly saw a body along side the road. “Was that a body?” I asked. “Yep,” said the gentleman as he pulled the car over to the side of the road and went to check the body. The body was a male. He was alive, speaking clearly and said he couldn’t move and didn’t know what had happened. Several other cars stopped and 911 was called. The man on the road had a set of keys attached to his belt and did not look injured or impaired. As the crowd of people got larger, we decided not to wait for the ambulance and left.

We couldn’t figure why a lone man would have been on the highway for any reason. I called the Bullhead City police fire and rescue and they needed an address which we didn’t have. We were referred to the Las Vegas police department but couldn’t get additional information there either. Now I wish we had stuck around to get the story. We assume the man was rescued and, hopefully, is doing well. But why he was on that stretch of desert highway–we’ll never know.

On our way home, incidentally, we saw a caravan of trucks hauling those 11 vehicles back to Las Vegas. Lots of damage to cars and to at least one camper.

Both occupants of our car have been driving for about 60 years. This was the first time either of us had seen a body along a highway.

Life, even a simple picnic, can be an adventure.


7 responses on “A Picnic in the Wind–& An Adventure

  1. I’ve been looking for campgrounds that allow for tent camping. I will look into this location for a long weekend escape. Thank you.

  2. And while not quite the same level of emergency, it does remind me of the time I was taking photos of the arroyos found along AZ-91 north of Mesquite a few years ago. I’ve always loved that section of highway, the old road and the terrain looks like something you’d see on an old western movie. Anyway, after I got home and was looking at the photos, I zoomed in on a “interesting” dot about 3/4 miles up the arroyo from the highway and there as a man sitting on a couch in the middle of the desert — miles from any house or ranch or anything. With the zoom capability I can see that he was smiling and seemed to be enjoying the view — but still it was a little bit strange to see him sitting out there!

  3. My, oh my, you two seem to have fun/excitement on your adventures! Now, I’m really going to stress about the man on the side of the road! We need resolution!

  4. Jack Atkins says:
    March 5, 2022 at 9:40

    I like to read about our adventures together. It’s like having a picnic and/or other activities all over again.

  5. You do find yourself (and whoever is with you) in unusually interesting circumstances! What an exciting life you lead! I hope you always find a kind of joy in whatever is going on…so nice of you to stop and see what you could do for the fellow. Hopefully he is back somewhere safe and sound. You and your companion, too!

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