Notions, Misdirections and Age…

The adventurers.

Have you ever had “notions”? I call “notions” those thoughts that seem to be sure things at the time, but which turn out to be totally false.

My most memorable notion happened several years ago. I was to meet an aspiring Presidential candidate who was visiting his mother in Las Vegas for Mother’s Day. A gathering of residents where the mother lived was planned and I was to attend and report on the gathering. I was thrilled yo be part of this event.

On Mother’s Day I drove to the destination. I entered the facility where the gathering was planned and could not find a crowd. When I finally asked for directions, an employee in the food service area said, “Why that event was yesterday.” Yesterday? I had been sure in my mind that the event was on Mother’s Day. I had appologies to make to the editor who told me about the event and was totally disgusted .. with me!

Back at home I checked my calendar. Yep, the event was the day before Mother’s Day. I had simply had a notion and was so sure….

(By the way, the politician I might have met did not do well in the Presidential primaries. Selfishly,I was glad.)

So I had had a “notion” and I sometimes think I am the only person who has such difficulties.

Recently my gentleman friend and I were destined for an out-of-town location for a picnic. Generally, we use the GPS for such destinations and generally, the gentleman makes all the plans and does the driving. I am the innocent happy passenger.

On this journey, the gentleman said he knew which highway to take and we took it. After about an hour’s drive, we were clearly not heading in the right direction. We saw no signs mentioning our destination. Pulling off the highway, the gentleman finally turned on the GPS. We were told to retrace our steps and essentially start over. What? We turned around, eventually taking the right road and found our destination.

Later that day the gentleman was fussing. Though both of us are seniors, I am aware of new things happening in my brain, but the gentleman prides himself on his overall good health and the exercises he does “between the ears”. The gentleman remembers all the names I forget. He’s also a line dancer and can remember more than 350 line dances “perfectly”.

So here he is grousing about his driving error. He had checked the route and he “knew” the route so well…but obviously something went wrong. “How could I have missed the correct turn?” and on and on. I was not upset because I like our drives, even this one which was an hour and a half longer than expected. Yet, the gentleman coontinued, “It was a stupid mistake and I can’t understand….” Then finally he added, “I’ve never been old before.”

So true.

If we are lucky enough to be “old”, we expect the things we witnessed among our older relatives: the ability to fall asleep in a chair; a slower pace, the necessity of glasses, a sense of wisdom…but “notions”?

Life continues to be an adventure…including what can happen when you’ve never been old before.


8 responses on “Notions, Misdirections and Age…

  1. As always, a great article. Yep, check the calendar and other things that can evade an accurate memory. Last month I showed up a month early for an appointment. Should have checked my calendar.

  2. Great article. I hope Cory Booker and his Mom forgave you!

    Ah, what a great phrase: “I’ve never been old before.” I’m going to add it to my “sayings”.

  3. “I’ve never been old before-“what a perfect description of our incredulity and frustration at meeting challenges now!

  4. Always fun to read about your adventures. Glad you’re out and about having fun!

  5. I term them “voyages of exploration and discovery” whether by accident, mistake or just to find out what’s up the road or around the corner. Sometimes I find I took the wrong turn as well and have to proceed to “start” (just as in Monopoly) but the cash prize is never there… At least at our age (retired) we can spare the timeouts for these little adventures. So long as we return safely, no harm done. Have missed the correct date once in a while too!

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