A Chair in My Garage? Absolutely!

The chair.

I have a chair in my garage. It is one of my purple dining room chairs with wheels. I seldom have big dinner parties so the chair sits idle most of the time. If I need the chair for dining, the wheels make it easy to return. In the meantime, the chair is home is my garage.

Here’s the story:

A little over a year ago, I had been waiting n my garage (with the garage door open) to be picked-up for an outing.

I enter and leave my home through the garage because I don’t have to use a house key (I punch a button and the garage door opens, I close the door using a key pad code) AND I have great vision as to when my pickup is coming up my driveway.

While waiting (a year ago) I got tired of standing. So the next day, I grabbed that dining room chair and wheeled it to my garage. I had room in my garage because it is a two-car garage and I have just one car.

Over the months, I’ve found the chair has become rather useful. I order stuff from Amazon and sometimes I don’t hear the delivery person, but when I am ready for a pickup and go out through my garage, I see a package at my front door. I grab the package and pull it inside the garage….and put it on the chair. I have also placed an old bread knife on the chair, so when I get home, I can open the package and if the contents are something I plan to keep, I can immediately dispose of the box in the trash container not far from the chair. Neat.

A small brush is also on the chair. That is so my gentleman friend can look at the back of my hairdo and cover any bald spots. Yep this old girl with thinning hair only looks at the front of my “do”, never the back. But I’m told by my gentleman friend that in the back are occasional “open areas” that the gentleman sometimes notices, and now he fixes….with the little brush on the chair.

The chair is also a place to put things from my car that I don’t want passengers to encounter. Not much to rescue from the front seat other than an errant gambling card. Looking in the back seat before picking up a back seat passenger, I might see a hanging plastic bag or two for my next shopping trip, a Kleenex box left over from my last cold and even a pen or two that slipped from the front seat to the back seat floor A quick grab of the backseat trash and it goes….on the chair…until I return and replace…in the back seat.

The wheels on my garage chair are useful, incidentally. I must move the trash containers at least once a week and if I hit the chair during the move, it just moves quietly out of the way…saying nothing.

One time, my car didn’t start and I had to use that starter thing I had ordered from QVC. I sat in the chair reading the directions before tackling the car…and I was successful.

I have found the chair is also useful when I am unloading groceries from Sam’s Club and I get a bit ambitious and put too much stuff in my arms and am about to lose a thing or two. Solution? Drop that big bag on the chair…until the next trip.

The chair is also a great place to put things I plan to give to my gentleman friend. For example, I have a pair of fit-over sunglasses in his car. We often go on walks at Wetlands Park and when the sun is shining, I wear those sunglasses. A couple times I have come home and forgotten to take off the sunglasses before leaving his car. How do I remember the sunglasses for the next tip? I put them on the chair…and he knows, too, that if something is on the chair it needs some kind of action. He uses the chair as well to leave me gifts….such as the time I left my purse in his car! I had some takeout food to take home that night and completely forgot my purse…and didn’t know it. The next day I went to empty trash and saw on the chair…my purse. (Yes, the gentleman has the secret code to open my garage door and he made an early morning secret delivery.)

And of course, when the gentleman and I are planning a longer driving trip and I’m packed, I leave my overnight bag…on the chair..ready for loading. And if I find something inside that should also go with us, I leave that on the chair as well.

I suppose I could just use a table instead of a chair, but then again–

The other day when my gentleman friend arrived with his car, I found him sitting in the chair–saying something about his multiple line dance classes giving him tinge of weariness.

I understood.

Someday I may move from the big house. Among the items I will take with me is–my oh-so-useful garage chair with wheels. She’s now a member of the family.


2 responses on “A Chair in My Garage? Absolutely!

  1. Di, a word of warning about a “plush” padded chair in the garage: creepy crawlers who gain entry to your garage from below and above — even with the door securely closed. They squeeze through the minutest of openings and love to take up residence and hide in plush chairs. And then when you bring that comfortable chair back into the house, you have an uninvited guest… or more. Don’t you have a comfortable lawn chair you could repurpose?

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