Monsoons, Tributes and Finales….

The patio pool remained even a week after the most recent monsoon.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Some weeks are busy–some boring. This was a busy, thrilling funny week even when saying goodbyes.

The Patio Pool

I have a large outdoor patio. In the last several weeks, Nevada experienced record rainfall. It’s the “monsoon season” don’t you know. On July 24, cell phones in an audience at The Nevada Room all buzzed at the same time warning of rain, wind and flash floods. Lights then went out at the theater as Rich Little was ending a show. Flash floods happened as we drove home.

Twice, my patio was its own pool of water. Apparently the patio was not built to drain water to a nearby lawn, but to retain water–in rather large quantities–in a depressed part of the patio. My dogs haven’t minded the pools of water; the temperature has been hot and the water is warm; the dogs just walked right through the pools to get to the grass. In the meantime I just wait–until the dry Nevada air makes the last of the patio water disappear. I waited for three weeks.

Celebration of Life

The last portion of the “Celebration of Life” was an hour of line dancing.
Photo by Diane Taylor

My gentleman friend is an expert line dancer. One of the women he has met and always admired through line dancing is Judy Adams who is battling liver cancer. Judy’s good friend Gene Hodson and several other friends hosted a “celebration of Life” for Judy last Thursday. Judy was to attend, and I was invited by my gentleman friend to attend as well.

I had no idea what to expect. Would this be sad? Would everyone cry?

What happened instead was a delightful afternoon full of humor and good feeling. Judy Adams was feeling great that day and enjoyed the event as well. The lunchtime plus event was held at Firelight Barn on Boulder Highway. Apparently this is a popular location for lovers of barbecue and live music. The owners couldn’t have been nicer.

The organizers had asked a number of the attendees at the event to tell them one unusual thing about themselves. All these unusual things were listed a sheet of paper on each table. Anyone whose “unusual thing” was on the sheet wore a name tag. The idea, during socialization, was to try and figure out whose original thing belonged to whom. Then later in the party, J
Gene read each unusual thing and the person who had submitted that information stood and identified himself or herself. We learned a bit more about the folks in the audience and in some cases we had a good laugh. (My gentleman friend participated. His unusual thing is that he can wiggle his ears…and even I hadn’t known that.)

Magician Mac King and a volunteer from the audience (a packed audience at Kelly Clinton’s “Sit In”), try to untangle a rope.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Gene also noted that the event was a celebration and asked anyone in the audience who wanted to tell a story about celebrating anything in their lives to tell their story. Several people contributed and each story was great–and told well. When I mentioned how much I enjoyed the stories, Gene said very matter-of-factly, “These people all know how to live life.”

One of the most senior guests at the party, 97 years old, then got up on the event stage and told a somewhat complicated joke. It was a great joke complete with visual aids. We LOVED it.

Our lunch was Judy’s selection, a pizza/veggie/cheesecake buffet, and then after lunch the tables were moved to the edges of the room and line dancing was announced. I had no idea how many of the guests were line dancers, but most were–and they did a great job–for an hour. I sat on the sidelines except for the one line dance I knew.

This celebration of life was a great gathering, an inspiration and I hope more people have such celebrations while they can enjoy them.

Farewell Nevada Room

During the last three years, I have spent numerous evenings at The Vegas Room and/or The Nevada Room supper clubs on Sahara Ave. I’ve seen singers, dancers, musicians and comedians and had a variety of meals. The entertainment has been first rate every time. Parking has been free and Tom Michel, one of the owners, has been unfailingly friendly and accommodating.

The finale of the “Sit In” called all the entertainers on stage.
Photo by Diane Taylor

We have loved many shows at the Vegas and Nevada Rooms, in particular Kelly Clinton’s “Sit in.” Last Thursday night was the last “Sit In” and it was a grand show. Every artist was first rate and the room was packed to the rafters. Magician Mac King did several tricks and was not only amazing, but so funny and then there was Kelly Vohnn, Elisa Fiorillo, Ian Ward, Christine Shebeck, Rita Lim, Sonny Charles, Earl Turner, Bubba Knight, Jerry Jones, and Clint Holmes. All were at the top of their game and made for a very memorable and sometimes rockin’ night. No show anywhere could have been better.

Those of us who loved the Vegas Room and The Nevada Room hope someone else will come along and provide a similar lively setting for local entertainment.

Two more nights celebrated the closing of the clubs and my gentleman friend, another friend and I had tickets for both. As I edit this, we have just seen the Friday show with another magnificent lineup of local talent. Bravo!

The Dentist

Two weeks ago. I was chomping down on a bing cherry and broke a crown on one of my teeth. I have spent a couple days in the dentist’s office since. The young woman who did all the preliminary work before the dentist arrived is a mumbler and as she works she sort of talks to herself. I would hear “mumble, mumble, the light does that, mumble mumble, oh there it is, mumble mumble. cotton will do it, mumble mumble.

I tried to understand the mumbling, but it was almost in a whisper sometimes so I was out of luck to listen in. The mumbler did a good job, though. I have a new crown, am $1000 poorer and I just bought a new box of bing cherries–I will use a knife this time to cut open the cherries and remove the seed.

Still learning.


4 responses on “Monsoons, Tributes and Finales….

  1. Major regrets go out to all of us who are losing one of the great local venues for live outstanding performers. Like you, I also hope someone decides to reopen at this location. Will miss in particular those Thursday Kelly “Sit-In”s. Loved the rest of your article as well.

    P.S. Believe it’s a cherry “pitter” not the golf “putter”. The letters are adjacent on the keyboard.

  2. Was sad to hear of the Nevada Room closing. We met you and your gentlemen friend there for a performance one evening and enjoyed our time at your table. Hopefully another venue will open for this type of performance.

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