Artificial Intelligence–and Me

The dash cam, the right way.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I’m hearing a lot about artificial intelligence lately. AI can be smarter than humans. Does that mean “AI” will take all white collar jobs? Will it do wonders for the accuracy of medical diagnoses? Elon Musk and others worry about the negative consequences of AI and call for a pause on AI.

I haven’t really been keeping up on the AI discussion, but if artificial intelligence were available to consumers, I’d be a buyer.


Last week, my Minolta dash cam (the camera on my dashboard that records things that happen in front of my car) came down from the dashboard. I’d had it on the dashboard for about a year. I attempted to put it back, but was unsuccessful. That suction thing did not stick to my dashboard and the other end–well it didn’t fit my windshield; a part must have fallen off when the Minolta hit the ground.

I tried and tried to reset the camera. Once, the suction thing did sort of adhere to the dashboard and it lasted there for a day or two, but then, the camera fell down again. The camera has a long cord that is attached to a power point that goes to where a lighter would otherwise be. The falling camera and the long cord were a mess. So I made even more attempts to get (the damn camera) to stick. One afternoon, I must have worked on that camera unit for 20 minutes.

My gentleman friend was in the car after the camera last fell, and when he was about to get out of the car, I picked up the camera, cord and plug and gave it to him, (He’s an engineer.) “Maybe you can find the part that must be missing, order it (I’ll pay), otherwise, I’ll say farewell to the camera and order a new one.” (I had bought the camera because I’m a “mature” driver and God forbid I get in an accident and I’m NOT at fault and the camera bails me out before the Review-Journal reports an accident and gives my age–as the culprit).

The next day, the gentleman said he’d solved the problem and the camera was back in my car. “How did you do it?” He didn’t answer and sent me to the car. I looked; no new parts, but the camera was now mounted upside-down from the way I was trying to make it work. The suction thing was now on the window, not the dashboard and everything was secure. I hadn’t figured out the upside-down solution. I had mounted the camera correctly when it arrived, but a year later–I was mortified.

Yes, my gentleman friend was again a hero, though his brain must be wondering why he ever got involved with such a ditsy dame who, at her age, should know better.

And yes, if artificial intelligence is ever to be for sale, I’d order a lot of it. My gentleman friend said he’d even pay for it.


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