Sandy, Piccolo and Kelly Speak Out!

Tales to be told by the kids.
Photo by Mom

The other night my gentleman friend and I were watching a movie when one of the characters asked the other, “Don’t you love your mother?” For some reason, that question stayed with me and I wondered–If that same question were asked of my “children” (my three dogs), I wondered what they would say?

Sandy (the senior beagle, about 15 years old): might say, “Well, I love Mom but she is getting somewhat short-tempered lately. You see, I have trouble hearing and seeing and when I get under her feet (and she isn’t looking), she gets mad, muttering something about, ‘If this dog causes me to fall down and break something…. “But Mom, I want to be near you always and I can’t help being in the way, so I wish you had a little more patience!”

“I also don’t have the stamina I once had so I don’t make it to he doggie door as often as I should, and indoor pick-ups are required. (Mom and her gentleman friend are good at pick-ups; a couple Kleenex and a trip to the bathroom with my “gift” and it’s all taken care of.) I’m no longer strong enough to climb the little doggie stairs to the couch, so I also amaze Mom when it appears that I know her schedule. If she watches TV, I take my nap on the floor right where she has to walk, if she gets up and goes to the frig (which she does far too often)–She has to step over me and therefore, I know what she’s up to. When she’s in the office I sleep right in the doorway; again, she has no get-away from me. At night I sleep in a dog bed in her bedroom and I can tell when she leaves the room. (Five years ago, she banned all of us from her bed, but the dog bed is O.K.)”

“Mom does make sure I go outside now and then, but because of my poor eyesight, I have fallen in the pool a couple times. I know to swim to the stairs, but sometimes I need assistance climbing all the way out. She and her gentleman friend have been a great help in that regard. I shake off my wetness rather quickly, however. I’m still a very good eater and represent all the kids when Mom fixes us lunch and I bark and dance around like crazy. You know Mom buys fresh chicken from Sam’s Club just for us? She does and it’s delicious. When Mom finally feeds us, I clean my plate. Yes I’m. old, but my digestion works perfectly and I’m wise. In fact, I’m probably old enough to be President!”

Piccolo (a middle-aged chihuahua) was inherited from Mom’s friend Alice when she passed away. “I’m the cuddle dog and I like Mom because she’s soft. Her lap is soft and generous; her arms are soft. I can jump up on the adjoining lounge chair to hers and make a quick trip over to her lap. Sometimes she says “no” so I put on the sad face. When I’m really desperate for attention I sit up on my rear end like a trained dog. Someone taught me that “sit” and Mom doesn’t know who did (I was adopted from the animal shelter), but she always responds saying something like “Yep, you are sure cute”. I always go outside with Mom. I like being outside (I always find the doggie door, too.) and sometimes I take a nap on the poolside lounge chair. Though I may technically be middle-aged, I am, ahem, the youngest person in the family.”

Kelly (another middle-aged chihuahua) would say, “I am Mom’s high energy dog. Yes I get along well with the other dogs, but I have lots more energy than they have. I run while Piccolo trots and Sandy walks. I am the house’s watch dog which Mom appreciates. I bark loudly like a big dog, but it’s just me. Sometimes Mom has to lock me in the office when strangers come who don’t like dogs or barking. I have a cute face with a white muzzle and Mom loves looking at my face. She used to say I’m also a smelly dog, but guess what? She has now lost most of her sense of smell, so no problems in the smell department! Yes, I love Mom, but although we have a big yard, she could take us on more walks. Who cares about 100 degrees plus? She does. We’ll do better when the weather cools. She says that we are important members of her family because years ago when her husband, Paul, passed away and she was sad, we were the family members that kept her on schedule so she couldn’t be sad for very long. We can make her laugh sometimes, too. Though she doesn’t take us on enough walks and she doesn’t let us sleep. with her or go with her on vacations, we love Mom. Besides, nobody’s perfect.”


6 responses on “Sandy, Piccolo and Kelly Speak Out!

  1. These have to be three of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever met. They are so well spoken. They are so smart. They even know that you go to Sam’s Club for their chicken meals. I guess you have seen that a family does not have to consist of children, animals can be our children too and most importantly, they can’t talk back. Great story, Diane.

  2. As always, I love your writing. Bless those little pups for being so articulate. ❤️

  3. How cute! And original… from a pet’s perspective. I think you got it right. You truly are an amazing, talented writer. Thanks for the chuckles.

  4. Interesting post. I’m glad I found this page. I’m going to bookmart it so I can read any future posts.

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