How Long Can I Sit? Not Long Enough

My mother had a large posterior. I have a large posterior. One would think that a large posterior would be perfect for sitting. I can sit quite a while. But sadly, there are limits.

But is she really sitting?

In the past two weeks, I have attended four events where sitting was not accomplished gracefully.

I’m a regular movie-goer, so a week ago, I went with two friends to watch “Killers of the Flower Moon.” The movie is long, some four hours, and reviews have been excellent. Me? I watched and watched and loved Robert di Niro, but for this audience member, the movie was just too long. Well into the movie, I got that antsy “I wanna go home” feeling and had to leave with about an hour to go. My friends stayed and said they enjoyed the movie, but I had some guests waiting at home and I was very happy to see them an hour early.

One recent event at the Las Vegas Stirling Club featured a singer I quite enjoy. Sadly, he did not sing many songs; instead he talked and talked to his piano player, and neither man, in my opinion, had much notable to say. The main attraction didn’t have a prepared list of songs and time was wasted as well deciding on the next song AND this “star” introduced two guest singers who did know what they were singing, but couldn’t, on their own, rescue the evening. I had paid to see the featured singer, but sadly I didn’t see enough of him and went home disappointed.

The next performance was also at the Stirling Club. That night the seat cushion on my chair was mighty thin. I was O.K through dinner and about an hour and a half of show, but as the show went on, I started shifting in my seat. I’m not one for many standing ovations, but I gave one standing ovation to an entertainer I mildly liked just because I was so tired of sitting on the thin cushion! The show continued I believe an hour after I would have thought it had ended, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. Before the final skit, I was out the door, first to the restroom, then to the valet. I loved the entertainment that night, but not so much of it. Anybody want to give me a traveling seat cushion for Christmas?

Then another night, I was at Myron’s cabaret and saw a perfectly fine entertainer who had a sold out house. He talked and talked and had several guest singers, each of whom got to sing two or three songs. The show went on and on and this time, it wasn’t the seat that got to me, it was just the time. The 7 p.m show ended near 10 p.m. and a pal and I agreed we loved the show, but it went way too long. Will I eagerly see that entertainer again? Only if he keeps his show to a reasonable time. Some of us older folks have shorter attention spans and/or early bed times.

As you can see, part of my problem is that I prefer getting to bed rather early these days. I can remember weekends 50/60 years ago staying up late and sleeping until 11 a.m. I was reminded of a long ago schedule when I was having my nails done last week. As I was finally getting the polish applied, a young man came into the salon and sat in the chair next to mine. The shop’s owner started asking him about his Halloween night out on Fremont Street. Seems as if this young man was dressed as Lord Farquaard from the Shreck movies. He showed everyone a picture; he actually looked quite like the character.

As the young man talked, he mentioned running into lots of single girls, but he also was drinking. People loved his costume and bought him drinks and I don’t know where he slept that night, but he says he was up till 3:30 in the morning.

As an old girl, I was almost stunned thinking of staying up so late. Yes, I guess I did stay up late during my early days in Chicago,but now–Like I said, I go to early concerts and I want to get home at a reasonably early hour.


2 responses on “How Long Can I Sit? Not Long Enough

  1. Amen to the sentiment! Us older folks can’t sit for long hours and staying up late anymore. Sadly, this is the aging process we have to go through. Oh well, life goes on doesn’t it.

  2. Yes, as some of us age (some not too gracefully, as in my case) those bedtimes come earlier and earlier. However, then staying asleep in order to benefit from this penchant for early retirement is the big problem. You’d think that if our systems demand such early retiring, they’d have the decency to keep us asleep… but no, we then wake up in the middle of the night and a return to sleep eludes us! Yet to be awake OUTSIDE our home and functioning at these times is not a possibility either. Interesting.

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