Book Review: “Enough” by Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy Hutchinson was called “brave and patriotic” for writing this book.

I purchased Cassidy Hutchinson’s book, Enough after seeing her interviewed on TV. She was attractive and young (mid-20s) and my TV companion at the time liked what she said.

Hutchinson, a lifelong Republican, worked in the Trump administration and later testified against Donald Trump before the United States House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. Somehow she took notes or has a world class memory to fill 356 pages.

The book begins with background, everything from Pennington, New Jersey, Spencer, Indiana and back to New Jersey.

After her first visit to Washington,DC as a grade-school student. Hutchinson writes, “While I had spent less than 48 hours in Washington, DC during that first trip, I was inexplicably, physically, emotionally and spiritually tethered to the city, I felt a magnetic bond–a sense of premonition–that Washington was my home.”

Later, in high school, Hutchinson became interested in the 2012 national election. She studied both parties’ platforms and the nominees for president and watched the presidential debates. During that campaign, she writes, “…something inside of me clicked. I felt a gravitational pull toward politics–the notion that politics were central to history and had a profound impact on the lives of everyday Americans.” Hutchinson attended Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA majoring in political science.

In 2017 Hutchinson became an intern in the House of Representatives; later she worked in the Senate. And after college, she returned to the White House as a full-time employee, later to work for Chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Hutchinson chronicles her day-to-day busy life. How she remembers every name and every circumstance I don’t know, but she is good with details. One gets the impression working at the White House even as a “new girl” requires lots of hard work.

Hutchinson is known for her testimony about Donald Trump and his “unhinged behavior” around January 6. In the book she seldom mentions Trump. My recollection is just one positive statement about him. However, when it came to testifying about Donald Trump and January 6, Hutchinson initially did not tell all that she knew. Later, she did testify truthfully and many lauded her for her honesty.

I worked in a corporation owned by one man who, most of his employees would call a fine man. Could we quote some of the things he said when angry–yes we could and those quotes might be damning, but would not give the whole picture. That was another reason I wanted to read Hutchinson’s book. Most of the book chronicles her day-to-day work which was far more rigorous than I would have thought. And yes, there is a good deal of time spent on January 6, advice from lawyers and her testimony. I found the book very interesting and surprising for such a young author. I was not particularly surprised at her “damning” testimony–but I did not know of the “other” not-so-damning events in the life of her President.

I would recommend this book for folks interested in government service and/or politics.


2 responses on “Book Review: “Enough” by Cassidy Hutchinson

  1. I guess as outsiders to Washington politics, we hear what the media wants us to hear and usually it is not always the truth. Things are quite different when you learn from the perspective of an insider, Miss Hutchinson seems to have a political calling early in her life. Her interpretation of events were firsthand. Hopefully a political bias did not affect her writings. This sounds like an interesting read.

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