First Visit to the Fountainebleau

Fontainebleau Las Vegas was originally conceived by Fontainebleau Resorts owned by Jeff Soffer. Nineteen years and several ownership changes later, Jeff Soffer of Fontainebleau Development in partnership with Koch Real Estate Investments bought back the project and opened it to the public December 14, 2024. Since 2008, the Fouintainebleu tower has been the tallest building in Nevada other than the Strat observation tower.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The history of the Fountainebleau Las Vegas is much more interesting than the resort itself. I read Wikipedia’s history before making my first visit to the Fontainebleau and was fascinated.

I knew of the Fontainebleau, of course. I remember driving down the strip where the El Rancho and Algiers hotels used to be and seeing construction. I remember some of the folks at Turnberry Place objecting to the construction at the Fountainebleau obstructing their view. I remember when construction on the hotel/casino stopped and furniture was sold, some of it to one of the new downtown hotels. I remember reading about new owners of the property and more new owners and voila on December 14 of this year, the finished Fontainebleau Las Vegas opened to the public.

The South Lobby was closest to my parking space and featured this 46-foot tall sculpture by Urs Fischer called Lovers #3. The sculpture is beautiful and is to be viewed from all sides. Imagination useful.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I was not personally invited to the Fontainebleau Las Vegas’s grand opening where I would enjoy a surprise concert from Justin Timberlake and could mingle with other celebrities. I simply got in my car last Thursday and drove down the Strip to the Fontainebleau. The place does not have garish signs as does Resorts World, but I found it and a sign to public parking. Apparently I could get four hours of free parking.

From where I parked I had to ask directions. Finding the elevators from the parking garage requires a bit of ingenuity. There are signs, but they are not very helpful.

The Fontainebleau is massive. Thee ceilings are very high and every lobby area is distinctive with special art pieces.

The Thursday crowd was sparse. I walked around, secured a gambling card, took photos, stopped to gamble on a couple slot machines (didn’t win, but didn’t too badly). And I had a good time. I will go back to finish my walk-around in the next couple weeks or when a convention is at the Fontainebleau, an favorite entertainer is is appearing at their large theater or I just was to continue sampling their new slot machines.

My photos of a few of the spaces I visited are below. (When it’s pool weather, I will return,)

Fontainebleau is a high ceiling experience with gorgeous overhead lighting all to be admired.
Photo by Diane Taylor
A different lobby and a different decor.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Note the discrete size of the type at this Fontainebleau Las Vegas entrance.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The first letter of Fontainebleau is replicated in these door pulls.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Because the Fontainebleau has 42-foot-high ceilings, escalators to the second floor for personal services and shopping are necessarily very long.
Photo by Diane Taylor
A huge lounge on the second floor is called the Nowhere Lounge features live jazz on weekends and superb bartenders.
Photo by Diane Taylor
On the second floor is a small room filled with flowers. It’s not a flower shop. We’re told it is just a place (now) for folks to go and have pictures taken
Photo by Diane Taylor
The Fontainebleau second floor is also the home of this huge workout room. Use of the equipment is available free for hotel guests, but outsiders are welcome, too. Classes are held as well as individual instruction.
Photo by Diane Taylor
This Nutripdip establishment is right next door to the huge workout room. It will, we’re told, give IV injections for those in need. Nurses will be on hand. Apparently, bottled water alone is not good enough.
Photo by Diane Taylor
In another Fontainebleau lobby is this piece, called Oceans, by the artist Breakfast. He is said to be depicting the ever-changing tides globally. What can’t be seen in this static photo is that all of those panels constantly move, creating new shapes every few seconds. It is a stunning piece of art.
Photo by Diane Taylorr
This scene is from Chez Bon Bon, one of a planned 36 restaurants and bars at the Fontainebleau.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Mother Wolf is an Italian restaurant.
Photo by Diane Taylor
For those who like statistics: The Fontainebleau Las Vegas features 150,000 square feet of gaming space along with 3544 hotel rooms and 555,000 square feet of customizable meeting and convention space.
Photo by Diane Taylor


4 responses on “First Visit to the Fountainebleau

  1. I have been to the property four times in the last few weeks. And stayed overnight on opening weekend.

    The pluses:
    1. Registration desk has more than the normal complement of workers, so in theory never have to stand in line too long.
    2. It is a beautiful property with nice artistic touches
    3. The bed and room was lovely. Really nice bathroom
    4. Outstanding bartenders at the Now-Here (Nowhere) bar on the second floor. Nice jazz combo at the Nowhere Bar on weekends.
    5. Wonderful servers and creative food offerings at the Collins Bar near the registration area. We watched a performance of local maestro Uli Geissendoerfer at the piano!
    6. Fantastic breakfast in bed from the in-room service.
    7. With the exception of the bartenders at the Fontainebleau Bar, everyone was pleasant and helpful.

    Some issues:
    1. Our room was not ready at 3 pm, nor 4 pm.
    2. Need to clean the outside windows — we had what could have been a really pretty view of the Strip, but the soiled windows detracted from the experience.
    3. The white tile floors require constant maintenance from shoes and luggage leaving black streaks.
    4. Worst-design ever for the self-parking garage. It can take hours to exit when in heavy use. Very tight lane design.
    5. Servers at the Fontainebleau bar were inattentive and provided no reason to ever go back.
    6. Significant errors with the billing statement upon check-out. Required a full 14 days to rectify.

    Overall — Unlikely to stay overnight again, but the Collins Bar is excellent for sharing with friends and work associates.

  2. Impressive but don’t think it’s a place I would go out of my way to see. Too big

  3. I love the pictures too! Beautiful pictures. Great work. I also enjoyed your walk through Fountainbleu. It felt like I was there. Thank you Diane

    I’m still trynna work on my avatar lol


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