Yes, It’s HOT in Las Vegas…..

Last Thursday a friend from Chicago called to ask how I was doing. Apparently the TV weather broadcast she had been watching had shown “flames” in the Las Vegas area. But mostly the TV news is hype, the temperatures in Las Vegas this month are pretty typical for this time of year.

How hot will it get in your neighborhood today?

We “locals” don’t feel the heat when the temperature is 100-plus degrees (dry heat, don’t you know) but when the temperature get to 110 degrees and plus, which it was doing last week, we do feel it. Yes, I have a large pool, but swimming mid-day midst the heat and sun isn’t my style. I would turn tomato red within minutes and scare the neighbors.

I was taking a friend to the airport Friday morning at 5:30 a.m. I saw one neighbor walking her dog at 5:30 as the sun came up. Temperature: 84 degrees. Note to neighbor: Install doggie doors so the dogs can go outside at any time. You can then go to a neighborhood shopping center and do your walking midst somebody else’s air conditioning.

My hairdresser complained Thursday that her car’s air conditioner does not really get going until she has reached her destination and by that time she has a headache from the heat. Love that heat.

For the “mature” members of the community, going places where parking is a “fer piece” from the destination means, sometimes, a pass. Gamblers, however, can leave early or late and make the long walk to their favorite casino when the sun isn’t blasting; the casino feels like an ice box when entering.

Note: if you get the munchies and purchase a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the casino gift shop, eat the candy in the casino. If you take it home in a hot car–you may, as I did, find a melted bar.

While I am wearing less and less in this heat, I notice my landscapers wear long sleeves and hats and seem covered head-to-toe. Then they are also wearing a backpack with lots of stuff. From long experience, they know that protection from the harmful effects of the sun are far more important that the perception of being cooler. Perhaps, they are taking lessons from the traditional nomadic tribes of Bedouin who for generations have worn thobes–three levels of clothing that cover every part of their bodies. Creating mini-environments that allow the body’s natural cooling mechanisms (sweat) to cool their bodies when temperatures are in the high 120’s F.

Good news, though. Thursday’s paper said that electric rates and natural gas rates would be going down in July. (The rates may go down but in this heat, the bills go up.)

TV is more appealing in the heat. I know minute by minute detail the activities of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I also have bought lots of stuff on QVC, including live plants which now reside in large ceramic pots in the yard. The plants were doing well until recently. I’m now learning that the high temperatures are heating the pots which are killing the plants. Our soil is so hard that this old gal planting the plants n the ground is not an option. So sad, but I’m learning.

P.S. I note that a Donald Trump rally is being held today (Sunday) in nearby Sunset Park. Projected temperature: 104 degrees. Apparently 11 people fainted at his recent Arizona rally. Despite this “lower” temperature, “tomato me” I will not be anywhere near Sunset Park today.


One response on “Yes, It’s HOT in Las Vegas…..

  1. I, for one, miss your hot DRY heat. WI will be hot and muggy starting next week and continue on and off depending on the thunder storms. Glad you are well and enjoying all things Vegas!

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