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As its name suggests, Living-Las-Vegas.com focuses on what it’s like to call Las Vegas home. Because of its global reputation as a tourist destination, gambling mecca, and all-around “Sin City,” Las Vegas is often perceived by the outside world as an impossible or bizarre place to reside. Rare is the Vegas dweller who hasn’t been asked at some point or other, “Do you live in a hotel?”

While it’s easy to shrug off such queries, we do know that life here in Southern Nevada really is different from other American cities. Those differences, which reflect the unique reasons Las Vegas came into existence as well as why it has mushroomed into its current form, are far more fascinating than anything that might show up in an ad campaign or commentary written by a visiting reporter. We have a name for those visiting info gatherers, in fact: “parachute journalists.” They drop in, look briefly about, and fly off feeling more than qualified to pen their gleanings with authority.

Although “parachute journalists” are often accurate about what they report, there is much that they miss or fail to interpret. They are essentially tourists, after all, and tourists usually don’t get the opportunity to experience the city beyond the reputation.

That’s where we come in. We are a group of writers who live in Southern Nevada. Some of us are natives, but most arrived more recently. We work in a variety of fields from entertainment and hospitality to education and law enforcement. We share a fascination with life in the only big city in America that was founded in the twentieth century. We do not live in hotels.

Whether you are a resident, a prospective resident, or just interested in Las Vegas, we welcome you to enjoy our articles, share your views, and let us know how we’re doing.

The details:

Living-Las-Vegas.com is produced by Flattop Productions, Inc. “Living Las Vegas” articles first appeared in February, 2004, on the site of Las Vegas author and observer Megan Edwards. In March, 2008, the site was re-launched on it own domain: Living-Las-Vegas.com. Seven Las Vegas writers joined Edwards to cover more aspects of Las Vegas life from more points of view. By the end of the year, four more scribes joined the staff, bringing the total to an even dozen. In August, 2009, the focus shifted from publishing feature articles 2-3 times each week to posts being published on a daily basis by writers covering specific beats and/or subject categories. The beats included coverage on subjects as diverse as hotel, store & restaurant openings, casino resort promotions, concert reviews, profiles of local celebrities, local events, day trips, visits to museums & galleries, local issues, uniquely Vegas happenings like casino implosions, and a variety of other topics from police ride-alongs and volunteer opportunities to trade shows and gardening. In late 2012 and continuing until present day, the focus shifted again to being focused on the interests of 2-3 principal writers. Basically, if a topic or event relates to living in Southern Nevada, one of the staff writers just might write about it. All such posts reflect the personal experiences and viewpoints of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the owners of Living-Las-Vegas.com or Flattop Productions, Inc. In May, 2016, the site was relaunched with an emphasis on delivery to mobile devices across all platforms.

Living-Las-Vegas.com’s editors maintain casino hotel ownership information and list of celebrity weddings that have taken place over the last fifty years. More than 25 writers have posted articles on the pages of Living-Las-Vegas during the first twelve years. Featured alumni writers include: Brian Rouff, Chris Arabia, Ellen Ross, Ellen Sterling, Eric James Miller, Holly McKinnis, Jerry King, Kellee Kunovic, Linda Lou, Mark Sedenquist, Michael Dickman, Linda Evans, Sean Taylor, Steve Fey, Tami Cowden, Osie Turner, Tasha Pittser, and Vegas Eye.

The current principal writers are:
Cynthia Neelley Musco who covers store openings, special retail events, and the occasional convention.
Diane Taylor who writes about the convention industry and entrepreneurs in southern Nevada.
Megan Edwards who writes about openings and closings of interest to southern Nevadans.
Vegas Di, the alter ego of Diane Taylor who loves a laugh and is passionate about Las Vegas.

Mark Sedenquist is the site’s Publisher and Managing Editor. He may be reached at mark@living-las-vegas.com. The Executive Editor of Living-Las-Vegas.com is Megan Edwards. She may be reached at megan@living-las-vegas.com.

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We welcome you to join us on this journey of discovery as we publish articles about this amazing place known as “Las Vegas”!